Loose antenna cable on left bottom corner


I dropped my Fairphone 2 :frowning: and now it keeps loosing the Service connection constantly. So I can receive messages, but calls are not connecting or break up after a minute.
It seems like the antenna cable is loose at the left bottom corner. I 'm posting pictures. Is there a way to fix it again and if so how has the cable be connected ?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Just right of screw with the blue circle that’s where the antenne should be.
Try to push it in the hole. There’s a chance it just came loose.

Well, when dropping the phone, did it open and perhaps lose this part?
However, it was disputed whether it’s indispensable or not.


There are simple plug-in connections on both ends of the antenna cable … you can just push them back in place if you disassemble the phone enough to reach there …

Thanks for your answer. Yes, this white part fell out top…

Thanks for the Link. Does this mean I have to take off the white part at the bottom left and the antenna needs to bei fixed underneath it?

Yes, you have to unscrew the screw above your finger. But as it isn’t marked blue, I guess unscrewing will void your guarantee.
So I would suggest to get in contact with support.
Sorry, my first thought was that it came loose from the ‘screw’ under your finger.
Now I have opened my own FP2 I see that the antenna is lying under the white part with the grey dot.


That’s exactly under this white hood where the antenna cable attaches to its connector. If nothing else is broken, it’s enough to open the hood and attach the cable back to the antenna board. Careful to not crush the connector though, you must attach it back gently and precisely.

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