Not able to call or use mobile internet

I switched to Lineage OS a few weeks ago and I really like it but last week I noticed that I’m not able to use mobile internet or to call people who use a different provider. I have prepaid (T-Mobile) and mainly use my phone for texting and messaging over WiFi so I hadn’t noticed it before. When I call someone the call is ended by itself within a few seconds. And if I turn on my mobile internet I just get the H/H+ symbol and I’m not able to load anything. These problems are probably provider related but I’m not sure which settings to adjust. And should the settings for Android also work on Lineage? I’ll also contact my provider today but I’m not sure how familiar they are with Lineage :sweat_smile:.

If you have (or can borrow) an other phone, check to see whether things work as expected on that phone. At least you’ll then know whether this something at the provider’s end on whether your phone or settings are a factor.

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Check your provider APN settings. Then you can set those values on your phone here (not literal, quick translation from Spanish): SettingsSIM cardsSIM 1/2 settingsAPN

Thank you, yes I tried changing those but the settings are the same as are given by my provider and it’s still not working.

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I know it sounds ridiculous, but please try the following;
Delete the APN and set it up manually.
By the way, what is the name of your provider, which country?

Thank you, I tried it but it still doesn’t work unfortunately. I’m with T-Mobile in the Netherlands.

Please check with another phone whether your SIM card is working. It could well be a misconfiguration on the provider’s end. Some years ago I once had to call Telfort to get the internet fixed, and that was a simple configuration issue on their end.

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Okay after doing a factory reset (didn’t help), going back to android (also didn’t help) I finally had an opportunity to test my sim in another phone and I still wasn’t able to call. So I’m assuming it’s something provider related and I’m in contact with them now.

I’m (partly) experiencing the same problem as Jori and I also use the T-mobile network (Ben provider) in the Netherlands. I’m able to use sms and internet, but making and receiving is very probematic since a few weeks. Sometimes I can make a phonecall, but usually not.

Today I put my simcard in an old nokia and everything works fine on that phone.

My phone switches form LTE to H/H+ and back to LTE, again to H/H+ and so on.

I checked the APN settings. They are fine.

@Jori are your problems fixed right now?

Yes I still don’t know what the problem was but one day everything worked fine again. So I think it was something with my provider.

@Jori Ok, tnx. I guess I’ll just have to wait.

btw. Does your phone still switch to H/H+ or do you have a stable LTE-connection now?

Yes I can use 4G now.

That could also be caused by loose or not optimal antenna connections …

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