FP2 getting hot and disconnect from android auto

It happens when playing music by deezer, or navigation by google maps…I bought new cables with a double USB_A to charge, as suggested by others, but the issue remains…any ideas?!?
Thanks in advance

Hi Silvio,

What format of SIM are you using? I don’t possess a FP2 but I gather the format is micro SIM card (3FF)(ID-000 format), sized: 15mm x 12mm x 0.76mm.

Make sure you’re using a micro SIM card. It is strongly advised not to use an adapter (for nano SIM) nor to cut down a larger card.
See this post about a problem seemingly similar to yours, and the solution offered by @AnotherElk

Otherwise, have a look round.

Don’t forget that connecting to the car by cable will normally cause the phone’s battery to charge. While that is often useful, charging can contribute to heat building up in the phone and possible stopping of apps or the phone. You might look into the possibility of using Bluetooth instead?


Thanks a lot @OldRoutard :slight_smile:
I confirm it’s a micro-sim slot, but my SIM is nano put in a micro adapter, so I opened and put it out and in again, and after a short trial it seems to work better. I should ask a native micro sim now, but now I’ve problems with my bottom module too (the microphone) , so I’m evaluating to switch to FP3 or come back to Iphone…it a big struggle but that’s another topic!
thanks again for now :-))))

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