Problems with overheating Fairphone

Hey everyone!

I haven’t seen a similar topic, so I’ve started this one (if there is a similar topic with a solution: please link me to it :slight_smile: )
So I’ve bought a FP2 (from KPN > a local provider), which I was able to pick up yesterday evening. So today I’ve had my first real chance to experience it.

Although I really like the phone I’ve run into quite a bothering issue: for several times, the phone had shut down specific apps or restarted completely. Not really handy when you’re using Google Maps to drive to a destination. Since the phone seems to heat up quite quickly (it can get quite hot), I’m guessing the phone is taking action against overheating by shutting specific apps or the phone down as a safety measure. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Side note: currently using a nano sim-card, I need to get a micro sim extention. But the phone doesn’t seem to have much of an issue with it.

"If you have a nano SIM card, please:

  • avoid using a SIM adaptor in your FP2 (it may increase risk of damaging the SIM connectors)
  • don’t use a SIM card which has been cut in an electronics store (or at home) to the size of a Mini SIM - always ask your provider for a new SIM-card"


You need to get a proper micro SIM, your provider can help you with that.
That’s the only supported thing in a micro SIM slot.
Everything else is a potential source for trouble, and it could well cause the trouble you experience now as well.


Cheers, thanks for your reply! I’ll get on it.

This seems to have solved the problem =) Thanks for the support!

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