FP2 Dual sim issue - second SIM slot never has signal


I’m using FP2 , and have two SIM cards: 1. a Swedish, which is a subscription with data and is my primary SIM, and 2. a Dutch which is prepaid without data. Whichever SIM card is in the second SIM slot, does not seem to get any cell signal coverage. I’ve tested both SIM cards in the primary slot, and was able to make outgoing calls.
Also disabling the SIM in slot 1 does not seem to make the SIM in slot 2 receive any signal.
Taking out SIM 1 and then switching to the SIM in slot 2 does seem to make that SIM card receive a signal, so it doesn’t seem the second slot is broken. Also, when both SIMs are inserted, the phone still recognizes there is a SIM card in the second slot, and is able to read out the name of the provider (hallon or simyo).

Has anyone run into the same trouble? The question seems similar to Dual sim issue. Please help, but here it doesn’t seem to be the different networks that is the problem, as they both work independently with preferred LTE network.

I’m using a freshly installed LineageOS 16.0

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Do you know that you have to choose which sim card get 3/4G?
You must set one sim card to 2G and the other to 3/4G.

Still, when I do that, I get 3G service on my first SIM, and no signal at all on my second SIM, even though I have it set to prefer 2G network.

I have found out that they should use different networks (Tre and Tele2, both in Sweden). Any more tips? I made all these SIM settings in the “mobile network” settings menu. Any other way to “force” SIM2 to only use 2G? How can I be sure that a 2G network is even available right now? Maybe that could be the problem?

As far as I know, Tre does not operate a 2G network. Tele2 probably still does. What potentially could work is setting Hallon to 3G and Simyo to 2G (start with setting Simyo to 2G only, then change Hallon). The settings follow the SIM card, not the SIM slot, but they can be a bit bugged. This post may help:

All right, it seems your statements on the networks check out, seems indeed only Tele2 has a 2G network left in Sweden, not Tre. This would be in line what I would like to use the SIMs for: SIM1 (hallon) for data and most calls. SIM2 as a back-up and to receive the occasional call (no data).

The topic you linked has some interesting workarounds, but it seems there that there is a problem with the users not being able to select a “2G” or “3G/4G” options. I am able to select all options (2G, 3G, LTE) for both of my SIMs. I have tried following your procedure, and the one listed as a solution in the linked thread, but unfortunately I still cannot get a (2G) signal on my second SIM while the first one is activated using 3G.

I’ll keep the thread here, maybe someone has a solution in the future. Anyway thanks a lot for your help!

PS: LTE and 4G are not the same thing, are they? I completely lack any “4G” option anywhere :o

They are the same thing.

I think 4G and LTE are similar and often used as synonym. But actually are not exactly the same. I think “LTE” is correct here as not all 4G speeds are met.

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Okay, it seems I have found something. Even though Tele2 is still supposed to have a 2G network in Sweden, it somehow does not work. When I have only the Simyo SIM card in my phone, and I’m switching from 3G (there is signal) to 2G, signal dissapears.

Guess there is nothing left for me to do as both carriers require at least 3G, and FP2 is not able to handle this. Does anyone have a list of providers that CAN still operate on the 2G network in Sweden? That would be my only bet.


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