Dual sim issue. Please help

Hi there. I have just got my fairphone 2 second hand on eBay. I’m trying to us dual sim with my work sim and my personal sim. I’ve set one to be on the 2g network and 1 on 4g. The 4g one is totally fine but the other one in sim card slot 2 has no signal at all. When I take out the 4g sim card in slot 1 the turn on 4g on the second sim I get full signal. So its like when they both in together it weakens the signal of the 2g one and I dont get any at all. Any ideas? Or did that not make any sense at all…

What exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?

Which provider is the card from that doesn’t work with 2G? And how old is the card approximately?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. The build number is fp2-gms- 18.04.1 release keys the sim is on i.d mobile which I think use the Vodafone network. I get 4g on the sim if the other sim is turned off. As soon as I turn both sims on the I.d ones signal completely drops

iD Mobile uses the Three network which doesn’t have 2G service (3G / 4G only). So unfortunately this won’t work.


Brilliant that now makes sense. Glad its not my phone with the issue. I can just have my I.d one on 4g and my Vodafone on 2g. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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