FP2 delayed boot loop after the update on version 1.4.2


Yesterday I updated my phone on version 1.4.2. Everything worked out fine, including reboot and everything. Some hours later the phone rebooted again on its own and the starting procedure to the login screen was good. But after entering my pin code some seconds later the phone reboots again. I did this procedure many times. I could only stop this loop by quickly shutting down the mobile data. With wifi everything is fine. After starting the mobile data module again it takes some time, but then the phone again starts its loop.

So one workaround is not to use mobile data. That is not very convenient. Does anybody else has any other solutions?

Thanks a lot,

Have you 4G switched on? I experience random reboots when 4G is enabled, but since I set my FP2 to 3G/2G, it hardly ever happens.

Thanks a lot Irina. It seems to work very constantly with 3G/2G switch on. This is definitely the better workaround!

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