FP2 core module

as others my FP2 is a victim of the colored pixels failure. Tried swapping the screen with a friend, there is no doubt and the core module is responsible for it. I contacted support, but they agreed with me that a 300€ repair is not worth it, and even though they are probably receiving FP2s for FP3 discounts, it seems that reselling second hand spare pieces is not (hopefully yet ?) part of their recycling plan. I contacted the nearest Faiphone angel in Grenoble, but no spares there to purchase, thanks for a quick reply anyway. There is the oven solution, but I’m not very confident is baking circuit boards in the same kitchen oven that I use for cooking, especially with a kid.

So there I am looking for a FP2 core module. I beleive I can at least offer 50€ plus shipping to Lyon (France) to be competitive with the Fairphone recycling program !



I don’t have a core module available but, FYI: I was in your situation, decided to go for the core-module swap and the cost is 200€, not 300, and it took 2 weeks. (They seem to have lost my cover rim though so that’s not great.)


It seems indeed that the prices I had checked a few months ago went down a bit, I remembered around 270€ with shipping, but the price now announced on the repair prices FAQ is indeed around 225€ with shipping. Thanks for the information. I actually believe that the problems I’ve experienced (the screen was replaced three times under warranty) are probably due to a bad combination of a modular phone in the pocket of a cyclist, and therefore submitted to repeated pressure. I’m therefore not willing to spend an additional 200€, and currently decided to go for a lineage compatible second hand phone for a lesser amount. I’m however having trouble with that solution too, and feel a bit sad to let go on my FP2, so I’m still interested in a spare core module :slight_smile:

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