Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2

No problem at all, at least now we know :slight_smile:

You did take the battery out?

yes, and made a reset

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Did you take out microSD?

yes, and I did a hard reset

Hi Nico, just to make sure you really had the same issue: did bending the phone or pressing it on certain points solve the issue temporarily? :thinking:

I did not have the courage to open it, since the issue appeared so maybe I should check that :sweat_smile:

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I solved the noisy coloured pixels on my phone by cleaning the contacts of the display with 96% alcohol and brushing them with a messing brush. Now the noisy coloured pixels are gone.


Nop, nothing works at all.

I also had a screen full of snow since yesterday night. It did work when applying pressure under the camera which points to bad contact. Today @robbert.f and I had a look at the phone.

Disassembling and cleaning contacts did not help (and neither did replacing the screen). We have pasted some layers of tape under the motherboard (where the wifi chip’s shield touches the plastic case of the core module) and it helps more-or-less. Sometimes I still see snow when unlocking.


Hi,i had the same issue. I cleaned the silver ff2 contacts and bend / pulled them a bit outside (in direction of the display) now my phone is working well for four weeks.

UPDATE now it is end of march, and my phone works without problems.


After weeks of needing to apply pressure to the back of my phone to use the screen, this morning it was suddenly working normally again (and still is.) I’m wondering how long it will last. Anyway, I will get a replacement FP2 soon to make sure I have a reliable phone when going abroad.

Since a few weeks my phone started to scare me. It has episodes where the screen just turns from normal to a very dark reddish colour (as a tint, I can still read the screen, but there ar also darker pixels and stripes across the screen) and than fades to black. The whole thing takes about two seconds. Afterwards, it is often hard to activate te phone again. These scenarios will happen:

  • nothing, unless I slap the phone a few times on the back
  • the screen will start, doesn’t react to touch
  • the screen will start, but goes full LSD-experience again

Sometimes it happens differently, the colors won’t turn red, but black and white and the screen will repeat itself from top to bottom: the top section will be copied and showed again and again below. This wil then turn to black and the above scenarios will happen.

Sometimes the phone varies between colour changing and copying itself.

I will probably not be able to film this, since it happens so random and quick. If I do, I will share it.

Does anybody know what causes this? I don’t think it is the screen itself, more like some driving unit. (But I know nothing about phones, really)

Please help… I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

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I’ve moved your post here as I assume you’ll find here a lot of ideas for help (although you don’t see the pixels but other weird display problems).

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Hi there and welcome to the community!
I never saw that on a phone, but it looks like the screen has a bad connection with the core module.
Did you try opening your phone and cleaning the contacts of the screen?
Do you have a spare display module to try if it changes anything? Or a #fairphoneangel in your vicinity that could provide it?



Thanks for your replies! I’ll try taking it apart and cleaning the contacts.

I managed to take some photo’s as well, but as a new user can only upload one at a time. So here are the best.



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I just starting having the same issue. This weekend I did a reset to factory settings because the phone was getting very slow and quite often the screen did not turn on. I will try disassembling, cleaning, reassembling, and I let you know.

Best regards



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Thanks @ElKrasso for that really great post!

As you mentioned I’d agreee it :warning: really contains instructions that can harm you or even more your device :warning: but in my case (a little bit different from what you described) it was a surprising but perfect solution! :slight_smile: :+1:

I had a broken core module (attached displays failed to work most of the time) and were almost up to throwing it away.
I’m sure it was the core module as

  • I cleaned and checked to contacts to the display and it didn’t help
  • I tried out various displays and they all had the problem that they didn’t work correctly
  • The display occasionally worked on pressing the phone, but not at the place where the contact between display and core module is (just below the camera). It rather helped sometimes to press on the left side, close to where the proximity sensor is located.

So as there was nothing to lose I’ve tried the oven tip. I put the core module into the oven for 9 minutes at 220°C but it didn’t help. Then, on the second attempt, I put it there for 11 minutes at 220°C and to my big surprise the core module is really working again after that treatment!
The display works as a charm and the phone is still running without any noticeable problem…!
It really seems your tip has saved my core module’s life! :slight_smile:
Anyway, it still applies: :warning: The post contains instructions that can cause severe harm to you or your device! :warning: