FP2 Case Strong Replacements?

I have found the FP cases to be pretty poor. FP1 rubber stretched, now the FP2 is too brittle, snapped/Cracked after one day use.
I need a rugged case like a Otter/Griffin rugged case or similar to truley protect my FP has anyone found one on the market?

Rubber is only part of the old cases which are depreciated for a long time now since they are - as you say - pretty poor.
Get a new slim case, they work great.

Not normal. Do you by chance have a new translucent slim case as discussed here? Fairphone acknowledged a problem with early production and would exchange it …

If you would rather attribute it to rough handling or a rough environment, you could consider additional protection as discussed here …

Thanks, I wasnt aware that the clear case had a design flaw. Thats two case versions with design flaws. They should concentrate on getting a third version correct.
Ill look into returning it. Many thanks for your reply.

They got the slim cases correct. They work.
Production trouble can happen and was handled responsibly.
If you want to be on the safe side, try to get one of the “old” colours (non-translucent) :wink: .


And not white :grin:

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