FP2. Bricked but lots of parts

FP2 complete with the updated rear camera. It won’t turn on any more (the battery doesn’t charge and it won’t boot with a pre-charged battery). Probably another bottom module failure (it’s on its 3rd I think).

Anyway, rather than going to eWaste … if anyone wants a free screen and working cameras, blue case, white case, and a couple of batteries, I’ll post it on.

Located UK.

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, you will have to be a basic user on the forum. Reference about how to become one and other trust levels can be found here.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.


I’m interested! :slightly_smiling_face:
Would you mind posting a photo?

Hi Alex,

I’d post it to you for free in a padded envelope (though no insurance). If you wanted it in the original box, properly packaged, then I guess I’d have to ask for postage (a few € ).

I’m working away from home right now (in Scotland) and the FP2 is at my house (in England) but I’ll be back at the weekend and can send photos then.

All best





I would be interested in the updated rear camera. But perhaps I can meet with @Alex.A in Nantes, if he doesn’t need this part?

Be aware that sending batteries is not officially allowed by a lot of postal services…


I don’t particularly want it in the original box, but I guess it would be safer to send it as a parcel, and I’m ready to pay small shipping costs. Though if you think the padded envelope is safe enough and everything fits correctly, then I’m fine with it :slight_smile:
Also, in case you manage to send multiple batteries, a parcel would be safer.
If you can’t send the other batteries (which probably will be the case), well… too bad :man_shrugging:
I’ve sent you a PM for the details.

No problem with me as long as I have a camera, and as I believe the old camera is also included, that’s fine with me :slight_smile: I can receive the parcel and hand the camera over to you.

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Alex & Fabian,

The original camera doesn’t focus (and yes, I tried all the fixes), I only bought the upgraded camera so as to have a working camera. If I can find the original, I’ll send it along.

I’ll send proper info on Friday when I get home.



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Well, so I leave it to you, @Alex.A . I have a working camera on mine, I just wanted to upgrade. Would be nice to meet you anyway though!

Thanks @nicka for this give-away!

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I’m in the UK and have a spare bottom module for the FP2, so happy to see if we can make a working phone out of the parts we have between us!

OK. So here is the full story.

FP2 became unreliable and found a new life without a SIM, as a small tablet . Last week it got discharged, turned off and would not recharge. When plugged in, the red LED shows continually whether the battery is inserted or not. It won’t boot into any mode and the battery does not seem to charge. I have three bottom modules and all create the same result, so I don’t think it’s a bottom module fault after all. It doesn’t work with my spare screen either.

Here’s what I have: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fxEabDRu5BhghJgu5

It’s something of a history of “my life with an FP2” and quite sad as for the time being this marks the end of my FairPhone story :¬(

  • Original Box
  • Motherboard inc new rear camera and bottom module fitted
  • Good screen (a few scratches, no cracks)
  • Badly damaged screen (big cracks but still works, amazingly!)
  • 2x spare bottom modules (one stopped charging the phone, but the microphone is OK, the other charged the phone but the microphone is shot)
  • 1x original camera module which works but will not focus (yes, I tried the recommended fixes)
  • 1x as new blue hard case (never used)
  • 1x white hard case, OK condition but the black front part has a missing button
  • 1x clear hard case, cracked and the black front has two missing buttons
  • 1x original soft case … in the usual falling apart condition
  • 3x batteries one OKish, one low capacity, one nearly dead

I had three mails asking for the phone, but one on the basis that we could make it work with a spare bottom module… I think not.

So, if it’s OK I will send whichever bits to Alex that Alex wants … on the promise that he doesn’t sell it or extract the data that is (maybe) still on the phone.

PM me Alex and let me know. The remainder will recycle.

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I am interested in all the bits you can send! I would even try opening the modules and try to fix issues inside if I can.
Also, I would immediately delete any data I find. I won’t sell the phone either, though perhaps giveaway parts to repair other phones from Nantes community members if needed.


It’s on its way. Hope the parts are useful to someone in the FP community. I’m sorry to see it go but sometimes things die and you just have to let go :¬)


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Let’s finish the story :wink:
I received the phone and parts well. First impression when opening: there is a lot of dust inside. Trying to start the phone with a charged battery (yours were deeply discharged), it made a strange noise (like a repeated clicking noise), suggesting one of the circuits had died. Perhaps one of the connectors or a part of the circuit responsible for starting the phone had died, or there was a short circuit. When trying to charge it, this time it’s my charger (which always worked perfectly) that started doing a strange noise, so I avoided letting it too long like this. I opened the phone, took the motherboard apart. I noticed the SIM1 port was dead as there was a little bit of a SIM card left in it which had broken the pins. Then I also clearly noticed water damage. Sorry, I think your phone was definitely dead :man_shrugging: I’ll test the spare parts as I’m sure they’ll be useful (particularly the bottom module).


Hi. Glad you got it.

The SIM slot is my fault … I got a new SIM with a mini surround and a micro SIM in the middle. When I had to get a new phone it took the micro SIM and I pushed the surround back in the fp2. This is a BAD idea as I couldn’t get it out again. Don’t do this people!

The screen is good at least and the camera module upgrade. Good luck with the bottom modules!


Are you thinking about fixing the motherboard? If not, I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at it.


I’d love to, but I fear I don’t have the skills :wink: If you believe you can give it a second life, then I’d be glad to consider sending it you! Though be aware it seems to be water damage (one of the bottom module had this red indicator, so I guess the phone must have been in contact with water as some point) and there are traces of it and corrosion on the exterior of the motherboard, I’m not imagining the inside…
Let’s go on by DM.

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