FP2 bottom module or the whole phone

*Updated, the camera information detailed.

I’m looking for a functioning bottom module for my FP2 since my microphone is broken. I wouldn’t also mind having a 12 megapixels camera to replace the 8 MP one I have now.

You can also offer me a whole FP2 phone which is fully functioning or has some minor issues.

I’m located in Finland and can communicate also in Finnish.

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

Does it have a white mark in the middle between the sensor and the flash? If yes you already have the new 12MP module, if no it is indeed the old 8MP one.

Thanks for the tip! Seems that I have 8 MP camera, so the 12 MP one would be nice :slight_smile: I will update my original post.

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I just bought a buttom module myselves since my microphone also was out of order with my Fairphone 2 / it cost me less than 40 euro and now everything is working well.
Good luck

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Yep, if I can’t find one second-hand, ordering a spare part from Fairphone is an option. Thanks for the wishes!

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