FP2 bluetooth loses devices

The last troubles I had were car related though. With the next business car all connection problems were gone as well, using Lollipop.

Thanks! I always update the system so I’m sure i have the last one. Just now:

  1. Charged my smartband. It looses BT by doing so.
  2. Disconnected the charger and put the SB on
  3. After two hours the app still claimed the SB was disconnected.
  4. Removed the battery from the FP2 and placed it back.
  5. After enabling BT on the FP2 the SB was comnected promptly.

Is this a Android 6.0.1 problem?

I am not sure about Marshmallow as I am using Lollipop.
Most of my BT devices connect properly, but I have one which does not like to be disconnected. ILockIt smart bike lock.
When I have disconnected it by closing the app and switched off BT the next time it does not flawless reconnect. This was not always the case but started after a lock firmware update which I cannot withdraw. Now the app loops in a permanent try to reconnect when it´s started. To get it properly connecting the app needs to be closed once again to succeed on the next launch.
I think this is an app problem not being properly solved by now.

BTW BT has a low-energy mode (BLE) for mobile devices to extend battery runtime.
You maybe also want to read here how some issues can be solved.

Anyway it should also work with Marshmallow though.

Thanks. But no it does not work very well. If I’m lucky removing the battery and reinserting and starting the phone might help a Bluetooth connection. In case of the Nokia BPM+ I had to reset the device to get the FP2 reconnecting again.
That is my default action for stubborn deviced now. Try to reconnect for couple of seconds. If that doesn’t work remove and reinsert the battery and try again for a couple of seconds. If that doesn’t work reset the device and try again.

How many paired devices can the smartband hold?
Many items can only hold one paired BT device. If you want to switch the other needs to be registered again replacing the present pairing.

So clearing any paired device from the phone corresponding to the troubleshoot and starting over also did not help as it sounds.

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And what happens turning BT off and on again (and maybe browsing for devices)?

More informations about Bluetooth: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000181466-How-can-I-solve-Bluetooth-connection-issues-

and Bluetooth Low Energy: Bluetooth LE doesn't work

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Switching off and Bluetooth has no effect. Only removing the battery and replacing sometimes helps.

The links are appreciated but do not solve any if the problems. Thanks for your attempts!

I connect both the BPM+ and the smartband to my FP2 only. Anything else won’t work. Just now I had a working The Dash for a couple of minutes, but currently it does not connect or connect to the wrong device The Dash 19X. The smartband did connect after a power recycle, but it is tedious to reboot my phone every time I charge the smartband. How do I get a more recent android on the FP2?

This depends on what you prefer. The main Fairphone OS is actually based on Android 6 such as the open source FPOOS.

There are different operating systems available that work on FP2 as well.
LineageOS for example. It is based on Android 7.
There are plenty of topics and tutorials available in this forum for the installation of LineageOS.
I can provide you with a link.

Feel free to read into your preferred topic to go on.

@theking2 @Patrick1: Fairphone has announced official OS and support for Android 7 this summer in their blog:


Thanks for your further information.
But generally spoken I think they will need some more time until it´s actually available.
And if I got @theking2 right, he looks for a quick solution to hopefully get his BT troubles solved. Hence I did not mention FP future plans on this.

I wonder wether it helps to solve BT trouble by updating to LineageOS. And you have to struggle with many more things to get things done in the way you want. I would not recommend this way just in order to solve BT things, unless this is the most important thing for you and you are fearless and have time to set up your phone.

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I, too, had a LOT of BT problems when I still used Fairphone OS = Android 6. Since I have switched to Lineage OS = Android 7, all BT problems are gone. :slight_smile:

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After unattended reboots of my FP2 device it does forget the known bluetooth connections and I have to reconnect all of them. Reboots, putting the battery out and in does not solve the issue. Any bluetooth device is affected. A fiscon car adapter, VW T6 Composition Media, Casio Smart Watch, Earphone etc. A very annoying topic.

As it looks the upcoming Android 7 may be a noticeable salvation for BT issues (beside some others btw.).
Although BT issues are not as often discussed here as problems with WiFi, GPS or else.

That is appreciated. Is a newer OS going to alleviate the problems with Bluetooth as I assumed? It looks like the ‘normal’ FP user doesn’t use or care about BT as much as I do.

That I cannot tell for sure. Maybe a read into the changes between Android 6 and 7 can reveal some news here. Hardware won´t change, but changes in the BT stack could bring advancements and solve issues.
There are alternative OSes available for FP2 based on Android 7.1 (LineageOS). But switching back and forth for evaluation is time-consuming.

You seem to keep it practical cordless which is fine for a mobile handset. Many users here rather report problems with cabled headsets, there were mainly issues with BT in correspondence with car hifi or wifi.

Edit: correction in accordance to @AnotherElk reply.

Fairphone Open OS shares its base with Fairphone OS, so it is still based on Android 6 until the upgrade to Android 7 is released.


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