Bluetooth LE doesn't work

I have already searched for information regarding my question but couldn’t find any solution for it - so far. Only some aspects of it but not my question in particular.

So I’ve bought these wireless earbuds and they support Bluetooth LE (BLE, BT LE or Bluetooth Low Energy).
The Bluetooth Classic connection has no problems. I can stream music and all that… But to have access to more of the features I will need to connect with BT LE.

So on the Technical specifications table I could find: “Bluetooth 4.0 LE and earlier”.

So technically it should work? But it doesn’t… Are there any common issues or has anybody else experienced a similar problem with his/her device?

I don’t know much about Bluetooth specs. I found this topic: Maybe that helps you.

I can confirm that BLE works fine with the FP2. At least this is true for my earphones (The Dash).

Be aware that Android does not handle BLE devices through the Settings / Bluetooth menu. BLE connections have to be established directly from within a BLE enabled app.


I don’t know if this is exactly related, but I noticed that Bluetooth detection of some devices works, whereas it did not work with (maybe newer generation?) a bluetooth lightbulb-speaker, which worked fine for other androids on this specific bulb.


Hi, I also have The Dash. :grinning: Strangely it didn’t work for me.
I’ll try not to connect via Bluetooth in settings but just use the app…
Is there anything else I have to do?

Thanks for your answer!

Can you be more specific on what went wrong? The Bragi app doesn’t find the Dash? Or finds it but can’t connect?

(You have to establish two Bluetooth connections: “Classic” (for audio) in the Android Bluetooth settings and LE in the Bragi app. These are completely independent. Just follow the instructions on Worked for me.)

Yeah, the first one. The Bragi App doesn’t find the Dash.

Strange - That’s exactly what I did. So I can connect to Bluetooth classic in the settings but if I try to connect with the app nothing happens… → The blue search screen keeps on showing

But I have Bluetooth connection problems anyway. For example sometimes after it has been connected to Bluetooth for a while it just disconnects … Has something similar occured to you? I will use the Dash tomorrow and try it out the whole day to see how it works overall.
And then maybe send a message to support…

No, works fine. Have you updated The Dash to the latest firmware? This is essential, it won’t work with the old firmware it ships with.
The search screen looks like this when The Dash is found:

It’s the latest version. Does your bluetooth signal gets interrupted often? When I’m connected to the phone it interrupts every 15-20 minutes and I have to reconnect via the Bluetooth menu on my FP…

Maybe the Bluetooth is not working properly on my Dash… I think I will contact the Bragi support soon…
You don’t have any issues with Bluetooth by any chance, ChuckMorris?

No, not when using The Dash. Really works fine.

Does your Dash have the same issues when connected to other phones / laptops / whatever?

I got it working now! I didn’t know I had to do a long press with the left earbud.
Okay BLE is working!

Well, I will try with other devices…
Another problem I had is that sometimes the music stops and there is a really loud noise playing, then I have to pause and it works again. Hope it’s the software… Most of the times the Bluetooth connectivity problems I have happen when I use just one earbud and then use the other one as well and vice versa. I will send a request to support to find out about it.

How do you think the Bluetooth Quality is?
Because the FP2 Bluetooth doesn’t support apt-X that is needed for high quality transmission

I never used only the right Dash on its own so I don’t know about issues with that.

The Dash doesn’t support aptX so the FP2 not supporting it is no issue here. I think Bragi once stated that they decided against aptX because tests they made showed no significant improvement in audio quality.
I think the audio quality over Bluetooth is good, but I am no audiophile. Might be slightly better when using the internal player, but having to copy music files over USB is so inconvenient (and soooo 2006… :grin:). I only tried that once or twice.

Getting a little off topic here. :wink:

Found Bragi’s statements regarding aptX and internal player vs. Bluetooth streaming (back from October 2015 on the Kickstarter site):

Apt-X is great technology when applied right. Especially the apt-x low latency feature is nice when supported by a smart phone.

We do not hear any improvement in real life tests by using Apt-X in our setup. Apt-X is not enabled in a significant range of smartphones. To us it is unnecessary cost at this stage without a clear benefit. I understand that it brings a marketing advantage to be able to state all kinds of features.

Apt-X uses memory (that is very limited) in the bluetooth chip, that we rather would spend other interesting features moving forward.

On board playback is significantly better quality than bluetooth quality (sorry apt-x doesn’t help here either). Not that bluetooth (SBC) quality is bad in any way, but a 320kbps mp3 just sounds so much better from the internal player.

I have the Bragi earbuds. I’m quite disappointed.

  1. They do not fit well in my ears. I’m working on a workaround based on etymotic eartips.

  2. Sound audio bt is unstable. The phone need to be on the right side of my body otherwise, it loses by connection randomly. I wear ITV on my right arm when running. I wonder then if the sensor BLE connection is good enough

  3. The heart rate average was quite wrong when I tested on running. Might be related to point one

  4. I’m unable to connect from Runtastic. Latest firmware was supposed to bring some improvement on this side. But it still doesn’t work.

  5. I also have difficulties sometimes to have the left bud connected to the Bragi app. It is sometimes just not detected.

I just got my FP2. Earlier, I had an HTC M8, and I had all the same issues.

If anyone knows a good Runtastic alternative working on FP2 with The Dash, let me know.