Fp2 bluetooth looses connection to music bar

Hello together,

fp2 finds my music bar from Sony. But after 2 minutes it obviously looses the connection.
I put the time up to endless - do not remember where I did it.
Anyway - after 2 minutes the music goes off and bluetooth is searching again for a device where to log on :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi andreas1,

Could you state which operating system you’re using and report the value of the Build Number.
Go to Settings > About phone > Build number

Are you using any battery saving method (including the standard Android Battery Saver)?

Is there any coincidence between the screen turning off and the BT losing the connection?

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build fp2_sibon-userdebug 10 22.12.0-rel.0 sibon-cdd21e0c
no battery saver

today live stream did not stop - after 10 minutes I took the older playlist from the menu on this website and let it run
no interruption at all - only, when the mobile changed into saving mode/screen turning noff - but it caught up again when I touched the screen
the distance to the music bar doesn’t matter either - tried it at 2 meters and 1,5 meters - w/o any problem

but anyway it happens often… music gets off after some minutes and looks again for the music bone bluetooth connection…

would be just funnier dancing a bit around while cleaning the kitchen :wink:
(and internet is really bad in my village… but that does not affect my pc, laptop downloading via WLAN … just the fp transmitting to the music bone …)

See whether you can collect some more cases / incidents like this and we’ll see what they have in common.

You are not using a microwave oven when trying to listen to the music, do you? That operates in the same frequency range as Bluetooth (and 2.4 GHz wifi), is usually well shielded but sometimes leaks a little bit and has way more power than our mobile devices.
Another option could be a crowded 2.4 GHz spectrum in general. If there are many wireless networks around you they could interfere with a Bluetooth connection.
Both cases are rather rare but we need to exclude things to get closer to the actual reason.
How is the stability when using a different device as audio source? Could be a computer as well. And last but not least: Is the music bar up to date, too?


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nothing to do with any devices nearby - I do not have a microwave oven
rather suspecting that these guys want to force me to install their app …
not very fond of being tracked by any of this garbage
thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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