FP2 Battery Problems (drains quickly, CPU gets hot) - See batteryguide for workarounds

My problem exactly!!! We definitely need a solution…

I had the same problem with WiFi always on, now it’s gone. Take a look at this post, maybe it could help:

Thanks chrisse, I already noticed this post and tried all the suggested tricks. I installed yesterday LineageOS and now Wifi is no more on all the time.

What I still have no explanation for is the following:

  • When I charge my phone while it’s turned off, the charging is super slow or does not happen at all. But the phone (CPU) gets hot.
  • As soon as I start the phone, the charging starts at a normal speed and the phone (CPU) cools down.

This can hardly be due to a background process running.
Any ideas?
Of course I take the easy way and don’t charge my phone turned off anymore. An explanation would still be appreciated.

Anyone else seen this before? Phone had been in the whole time in a bag and unused (mostly). Picked it up to see it was at 1% which seemed odd

I rebooted it, and turned battery saver off and I’ve been using it solidly for ages now on 1%…

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You mean like this:

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my battery is totally empty, but when charging my phone turns it self on. This costs too much energy and the battery gets empty again. so, now it is in a never ending loop…How to get out of it?

Maybe to kickstart the battery helps:

  • battery out
  • connect phone to charger (without battery)
  • wait 20-30sec
  • put battery in
  • charge until 100% (if possible)

It could also be that your battery is broken does not charge anymore. Do you have someone with a Fairphone to try a different battery?

I guess you are using the same charger as always?
Otherwise it might as well be, that you happen to use a usb cable that is working for data connection only.

It is not just FB.

It is all kind of always-on cloud programs including FB Messenger (even “Lite”), E-mail (reduce amount of times it scans per hour and clean up your mailboxes), WhatsApp (and WhatsApp Web), Buienalarm (warns for rain in NL), Google Keep, Google Now.

What I do is:

  • Put Brightness on ~25%
  • Put Location on “Device Only”
  • Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep on off
  • Disable/uninstall all these applications, or as many as possible
  • Greenify on many apps

As for Firefox, use Firefox Sync and move the tabs to your PC/laptop/tablet ASAP. Don’t keep tabs open unnecessarily. Consider to use Firefox Focus, it only supports “private mode”. Also, use uBlock Origin to block ads. Firefox 57 is out half November and will make Firefox on PC/laptop much faster. I don’t know when these changes are ported to mobile version of Firefox though.

I know there is a bug in Android 6.0.x with battery so I wonder does LineageOS users also have issues with battery?

However my battery has gone through roughly 500 cycles already. It is due for replacement.

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BTW, if anyone else is using https://ring.cx/, I installed it a few days ago, didn’t use it after registering my username, and my phone started draining very fast even though the app was “off”. When I looked at battery usage it was responsible for 20%

Since I had no use for it yet, I quickly uninstalled it

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I would also get rid of the default facebook app and use Metal for Facebook and Twitter.

Just because I wasn’t writting here doesn’t mean that everything is OK… but I have to show you this. Since yesterday…

Haven’t changed a single thing… they are no new apks, no different use of any kind. Just woke up and checked my mails… Now I have to charge it 3 times per day!!!

This phone is a disaster… :sweat:

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It looks like it’s mostly searching for GSM signal. Could there be a strange setting there?

EDIT: Also, what OS are you on? I don’t have that kind of icon. Are you on LineageOS?

Yes I know it has probably something to do with the GSM signal but can’t figure out why…

My phone runs on fairphone open.

I frequently have this exact problem. I need a solution soon, I’m quite often getting caught late in the evening with no battery that drains from 20/30% in no time at all, which is bad for ordering a cab home!

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I am frequently getting episode where I lose 1% of battery per 20 seconds or so.

This is particularly common when battery level is less than 30%. But as the screenshot from shows it can occur any time. It happened twice today.

Suggestions very welcome! Obviously you can see that there is frequently poor mobile signal…but this doesn’t always match up with the draining times. It also suggests that the mobile signal is worse than I would jave said from experience

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I experience something similar and have not found a solutiom yet. Seems to have gotten worse since winter started. Is that the same for you?

@JoeO & @ben please try the battery reset as explained in the #batteryguide.