FP2 - any hope for reliability in the near future or give up?

Hello everybody,

Don’t get me wrong: I am still convinced that Fairphone is a fantastic project. At the other hand I am a victim of smartphone technologies, which means that I need a working system in my daily life (well, at least to some extend!)

I had trouble with my phone from day one. Sometimes people can’t hear me, the proximity sensor was not working (both seems to be solved right now) and the absolute highlight was a touchscreen which was partly inactive (display has been changed in the meanwhile).

Now the proximity sensor does a better job, but it is Not where it should be yet. Beside that, the battery does not survive a normal working day where I don’t use the phone too much. I suffer sudden reboots without even using it. Because auf many forced taking-off-the-cover this is also broken.

The phone is a bit more then 6 month old. I had the idea to spend a bit more money and keep it for longer. For now, I do not believe there will be chance that this phone lasts for such a long time.

I am just about to give up, sell it for a lower price and get a Samsung or whatever. But actually I want to stay in the Fairphone community:

Question: does anyone have a convincing reason to believe that this is going to calm down with updates or anything soon?




Sadly no answer, but feeling the same as you are.

Your story comprises convincingly why support must not be neglected or shared with a forum this way that FP obviously reduced support in general. The reason to me became clear also over 6 months: the modularity should have solved support issues by design e.g. by letting producer and customers buy and replace single modules instead of repairing them. Also, software updates should have fixed most instabilities . This concept if it exists has failed due to FP’s decision to “double” it’s support team.
And this also could make some hope : Many updates made FP2 a bit more stable and extending the support team may spend more remedy to suffering customers. However the first 6 months are not as successfull as the marketing of FP tried to make us believe. And delegating -without announcement - most important support tasks to a free and open forum is not an option.

You are not the first to feel that way, but there’s also plenty of users (like me) who are very happy with their FP2.

Since this has been discussed before, I could imagine that many users may only have limited interest to repeat their statements, but you will also find answers to your question here:

or here

But to wrap up my opinion: If the possible solutions for your problems that you can find here in the forum did not help you, send in your phone and get it fixed. You have a 2 year warranty after all! Take advantage of it, in case you got a faulty device.


I still have hope… My FP2 back camera is not working, cover split, sending it back for repairs. My mother’s phone failed an update, got a replacement. A friend has a FP2 too, shes having random reboots.

You need lots of idealism.

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