FP1U processes just keep on stopping out of the blue with a relentless stream of pop-ups

Hi, my FP1U today stopped working out of the blue. While everything was working fine in the morning (soundcloud/messenger/…) all of a sudden the my phone rebooted out of the blue (it happens on occasion) after which I got a relentless stream of pop-up messages that some of my apps (viber/whatsapp/fairphone updater/…) have stopped or some android processes stopped (e.g. android.process.acore has stopped, com.google.process.gapps has stopped, com.android.phone has stopped, android.process.media has stopped). I can tap “OK” all I want, but every time one of the pop-ups closes another one immediately pops up again making my phone essentially unusable. I have tried manual rebooting (sometimes the power-knob still reacts, sometimes I have to remove the battery), performed testing in factory mode but if possible at all I would like to avoid a hard reset. Is there anyone who has had this problem before and found a fix? I also noticed that my time is screwed up and for one reason or another upon starting my phone tries to find gps (no idea for what reason). It is very weird as I have not installed any new apps, updates or whatsoever since this morning so i am utterly clueless as to why my phone all of a sudden decides to crash relentlesly.

You could try to just clear cache in recovery mode, but if that doesn’t help then I believe a hard reset is your only choice.

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