FP1 USB connection part fitted


We have a couple of FP1’s.

One of the USB charging port has failed. We have purchased a replacement part from the EBAY but it needs soldering in. Does anyone know some who can do this in the UK?

Many thanks in advance

Daryl Geary

This is something a professional repair shop should be able to do. You might want to check out the next available shops in your area which make a solid impression to you. Let them clarify their warranty on the repair.

The photos in the iFixit Fairphone 1 teardown (esp. the photo in step 6) might be useful for the repair shop to determine if they want to do the job or not.

P.S.: We have still got the List of local repair shops that have dealt with FP1 repairs in the past, but it should be added that those are in no way “certified” Fairphone service partners or the like, so it’s a rather co-incidental list (that includes only one UK shop, in Bradford). Most list entries were made a long time ago.

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Thanks Urs, I have since contacted the company in Bradford …


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