FP1 Spare parts availability (batteries, displays, motherboards, etc. [out of stock!?])

When you mention that FP1 is relatively old for mobile phone is there no possibility to get used screens from companies who collect smartphones?

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Are you kidding me?
I’m so mad. I’m waiting for over 6 months now to order a new display.
You said that you would inform the customers (didnt receive an e-mail) and now the screens are already sold out?
I just cant believe it.
I was one of the crowdfounders and this is how you reward these people.
Great job guys!

Well, I got the notification e-mail on the first day when the screens were in the shop. Maybe it got stuck in your spam filter.

I think the users who want to get screens and batteries for the Fairphone 1 can look at our #marketplace::tag or at ebay if they can get a “bricked” FP1 (where the screen and battery is intact). Of course, they are far less “bricked” FP1 than interested persons.

I think we have to reach the people who “brick” their FP1 and tell them not to give it to recycling or leave it in the cupboard but to give it to people with broken screens and batteries.


Hey, our system has showed us that we sent you an email to inform you about this on the 10th of May. Like @Irina_Spitznagel said, maybe it ended up in your spam? In any case, my colleague Leontine just replied to your Facebook message.

Hey @Friedrich

We understand the demand for more spare parts, but it has been improving incredibly hard to source more of them. I won’t go into more detail here, for more info check out this blog. What I just want to say is that we might indeed have underestimated how hard it is to source these parts when we (more or less naively) started out with a couple of people back in '13, but we are trying so hard to make this happen. We are as frustrated as you guys are, but believe me… it is not for a lack of trying from our side.

In any case, FP1 batteries are back in stock and we have more FP1 displays coming later this week.


Hey @susan, our system shows that we sent you the notification email on the 10th. Maybe it ended up in your spam folder? We will have more displays coming in later this week, so make sure to keep an eye on the shop!

Michiel, thanks for the frank reply, it must be frustrating to the company as well.
Since batteries are back in stock and theres some more screens coming soon Ill stop being a curmudgeon on the forum and just place an order next week.

Thanks for understanding :smile: don’t wait too long with ordering a display, because I’m not sure how long the next batch will last. Batteries we have plenty!

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I wished to be notified when the FP1U battery would be available and had indicated this via the webshop. Well, batteries are available again but I have received no notification, nor is it in my spam folder. Lucky that I just read your message about batteries being available again. Just ordered one :slight_smile: Mine has been getting worse.

In any case, you might want to doublecheck your notification system.

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October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May …
No notifications, no screens…

Too bad you missed the notification, seems Fairphone is sending out so many e-mails that a lot of e-mail providers are classing them as spam. As the quote above indicates you’re getting rid of your FP1, you could consider selling it for parts - there’s an official marketplace here on the forum here.

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Gmail file my notifacation under the promotions tab, this may explain why many ppl didn’t see theirs in their main email nor in the spams.


One more reason to use an e-mail program like Thunderbird. It wouldn’t automatically filter your e-mail without your consent.


Hi, I’m experiencing the same frustration as some of you, have been waiting for a spare display for FP1 U for 3 months now. Just read a post from May 17 about “more display arriving end of this week” - any news on that? It’s still (or again) sold out in the shop. Any - good - news would be great,thank you!

Or just configure their mail box the wat they want :no_mouth:.

So @anon48893843 …is there any news on the new batch of FP1 screens ?
It`s been a week or 2…

Hey, they will be back in stock tomorrow (Wednesday)!


Hey Stella, new displays are available Wednesday - tomorrow!


Cool, many thanks for letting me know!