FP1 overheating

Hello everybody, I’m afraid that my FP1 is over :disappointed_relieved: (almost 5 years) . I think the battery is ok (full day few days ago), but now the phone is burning and crashing after 3h. I’ve tried to reboot in recovery mode and put the factory setup, but nothing changes. Any idea?

Have you checked whether this also happens when you remove the SIM card(s) and SD-card?

Yes I removed everything and it’s the same. It’s getting very hot in the top of the phone.

Well, that rules out the common fixable causes I can think of. Top of the phone is where the mainboard is, normally heat means a lot of activity - can be processing, but also phone/wifi network. If there is a hardware issue, this can cause a lot of activity on the phone as well. I don’t know what else to try, but maybe someone else here has more experience with these issues.


I’d recommend to look out for a used motherboard in the unofficial marketplace here and/or consult a Fairphone Angel if one is nearby. Don’t delay it too long, my own experience with someone else’s FP1 is that the overheating motherboard might eventually damage other parts (i.e. display).

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Thanks for your help, but I have to accept that’s the end of my FP1 :sleepy:
Let’s start a new adventure with the FP2 :smiley:

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Perhaps you can offer the rest of your FP1 to someone who can need the surviving parts then. Or donate it to a Fairphone Angel who can help another Fairphoner to repair her or his FP1 with the usable parts. :slight_smile:

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