FP1 no longer charges

My FP1 turned itself off while playing music via Bluetooth. Proper shutdown with a short vibration at the end.

Now, I can no longer recharge! I plug in the charger, but the red LED stays off. There seems to be a current flowing though, since the charger itself has a LED that blinks if nothing is attached, that does not blink. If I pull the cable out, the charger’s LED starts to blink, therefore, it does not seem to be a mechanical issue.

It is already a replacement battery that looks OK (not swollen).

The phone is connected to the charger for hours now, nothing happening.

What can be wrong? Thanks!

Sounds like you can benefit from a battery reset as explained in the #batteryguide. Maybe give the battery some chance to cool down first though.

Tried. Nothing. [Post must be at least 20 characters]

Had a look if there’s a Fairphone Angel nearby?


Thank you, I did not know about them yet. I will contact them and hope they can help.

After days(!) of being plugged in (with interruptions), it suddenly started charging again.
After booting, though, everything started crashing.
After the next boot, it seems to work again, but all panels were gone and the only one left blank. Mails and SMS were still there, funnily.
But since then, my FP1 behaves very irreliable (other topic).
I am running Macadamia alpha, BTW.

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