FP1 needs a new battery. What's the latest advice?

Hey all FP1 users. No idea how many of us there still are, but mine still seems to work fine EXCEPT the battery is running down very quickly. Are there any current recommendations for a replacement as it’s a while since this topic was open?

Many many thanks!


You could apply a kickstart..
Hopefully you are aware that the software is really out of date. So you always have to be careful.


Thank you I will try a kickstart! But could you say what you mean by “you always have to be careful”? Careful of what?

Many thanks, Lidwien!


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With old software, you are exposed to threats because all the weaknesses are well-known, and the “security holes” are no longer getting plugged by updates.

So be careful of the web sites you visit, those unexpected emails that invite you to “update your bank details” or whatever. Don’t download new apps (if any are compatible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) unless you’re sure of the source, etc. It’s really difficult to say where the dangers might lie exactly.

<joke>Of course, there will come a time when even the malicious software is no longer compatible. When you get to that stage you’re in the clear. I mean, who writes viruses for MS-DOS these days? </joke>

As to the replacement battery, you might get in touch with a good, reliable repair shop. There may be solutions using batteries that have compatible contacts and voltages but are smaller than the original. In that case padding can be provided to keep the battery in place.
Fairphone official support may be able to suggest replacement battery types.

Seriously, I admire your desire to “keep that old gem going”!


Thank you so much for your help!

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Did the kickstart help?

What do you think about:

I didn’t work through all the results of the first page of the search engine. Are there different FP1 models with different battery types?

Hi @drfifitot
Have you resolved the situation with your battery? I’ve got an old Fairphone 1U to get rid of. You could have the battery (which still works well) and any other part of it. I’ve also got two cases. I’ll shortly put these in the market place section.
All the best

Maybe you should go to a specialized service center for professional help.

my FP1U battery just died - please has anyone got a replacement I could buy? I live in France.


Hi, welcome to the forum.

I’ve moved your post to this topic where you may find some ideas.

Good luck, hope you find a solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is a post about battery compatibility of FP1.

Also you can find a clone compatible on eBay

I have not tested the eBay seller (I have a FP3+), but other on this forum tell that is good for quality of the battery.

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