FP1: Macadamia 1.9.9-pre3 Alpha (Android Kitkat)

Is it possible to have a first package with just playstore? and then imagine that we can download everything else needed? just as pico or nano of openGapps?

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Ok, I’ll send the output of adb bugreport along. After dumping the data I told my phone to reboot into recovery using adb reboot recovery. I saw a faint (because of the screen issue) boot animation and then the android droid with “Kein Befehl” under it. The whole time the screen was getting darker and darker.

[quote=“jftr, post:271, topic:19450”]
Before turning off your phone, make sure to have backed up any data that is important for you.
[/quote]That’s no problem, important data is mirrored across other devices.

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If I’m not mistaken this is solved with gravity box…

That’s certainly possible. I just wonder what’s most useful for most users … I believe most users expect to get at least some basic apps when installing GApps. I don’t know what the sweet spot is. I’ll think about it.

Easier to install apps we want than to get rid of apps we don’t! :wink:


There is a different xPosed module that provides the functionality, but I thought it would be better if the solution is native.

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You’re right… . (which module ?)

I posted the link above, but here it is again: Emoticons - Convert SMS to MMS at a price! (one post further down).

Haven’t seen that… :grin: thanks

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@jftr I have no idea, what the warning means, but you might want to look into this:

Developer warning: android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER wasn’t declared in the manifest.

The red writing could look a bit off-putting to people…

This is normal behavior of Superuser. There might be a setting of Superuser (Settings > # Superuser > … menu > Settings).

Edit: It essentially means that the app tries to get root privileges without declaring so in its manifest.


Last time I read about it, ACCESS_SUPERUSER was deprecated. See also here:

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Oh, so the warning is referring to the app’s manifest. Ok never mind then! :blush:

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@jftr just reporting back, had my device set aside (not booted up) for a while again and had no visible flickering until I’ve unlocked the simcard but then it started again and is getting worse but seams to take longer this time. I still hope it’s not the hardware as new Display looks hard to come by - and the fp2 is a bit to big for my taste.

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While the preinstalled (gapps) version of “Google News & Weather” can’t connect to the servers (maybe too old version), updating to a newer version and starting it results in an error message, saying that my device isn’t compatible (but it was working on Android 4.2). Is there a way to fix this please?

Unfortunately I could not find any cause for this. It really looks like it is a hardware issue. One thing that you could do to verify: Go back to the stable version 1.8.7 and see if that changes anything.

Thanks for reporting this. Apparently there is some incompatibility with the GApps package. I see whether we can fix that.

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I have a big notification problem (or synchronization I’m not sure)…

I only get my messages when I open the application… The worse is whatsapp. I have to go in the application to see if I have any messages. Anyone else having this problem?

Can you please give some details:

I figure, you have GApps installed.
Do you have any non-standard configurations (XPosed, etc.)?

In general this sounds like some battery optimization setting is too aggressive. Did you enable anything along this line?

Edit: One standard way that could help solve this issue:

  • Android Phone Settings > Data Usage > Menu > uncheck ‘Restrict background data’ or make sure you see ‘Allow background data’
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The complete update is FAR from being released, it’s not just some bluetooth problems, I installed the software-update, also gapps, did all updates and now, when I boot the phone it starts with:

  • google play boeken stopped, play films stopped (x4).
  • my battery drains twice as fast as with android 4.2
  • not mentioning the bluetooth issues
  • volume control with alarms: difficult to describe but the volume changes randomly, I cannot even use the phone to wake up anymore.

and the worst of all: I try to go back using the instructions, but this results in : Error: System property does not match Installation aborted.

Please help

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