FP1 frequent Facebook-related crashes requiring taking the battery out

Since yesterday, my FP1 has crashed 5 times - the screen freezing in the middle of using an app and without the phone being able to reboot or power down using the power button. I then have to take out the battery to reboot. This has happened while using the facebook app, the snapchat app and also in the pull-down menu with notifications.

I had several updates of apps that day or the day before.


Have you got a unified partition OR do you have an “internal storage” and a “phone storage”? If the latter is the case, have you experienced storage shortages?

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The “Storage” screen only list “internal storage”, where apparently I have 4.1 GB of free space available. I also remember doing some software update that did away with this phone storage thing.

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ok, you did the storage upgrade then. :slight_smile:
Well, then I cannot really provide a big solution. I think I have heard before that the Facebook app is extremely CPU-hungry, but I’m not using it myself, so I haven’t got any experience there of my own.

Well, it’s more than one app; secondly, it’s happened so frequently yesterday and today that I doubt it’s just a statistical effect.

Apps also work in the background. Besides doesn’t snapchat belong to Facebook?

You could try out safe mode for a while to rule out third party apps:

On a funny note: Maybe the Fairphone was so disgusted that it switched itself off because of all the data they steal from you… :wink:

Nope, the option to reboot into safe mode just doesn’t come up (as it’s supposed to according to the link you posted).

Do you run any modifications on your system (e.g. Xposed, Gravitybox, etc.)?

I’ve had a similar problem within the past few days - a couple of different apps (including Facebook) have started crashing frequently. Facebook just freezes completely, and I have to switch the phone off. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook, but it hasn’t made any difference. I also had several updates of apps just before these problems started.


No, nothing of the sort.

For all it’s worth, I haven’t opened the fb app for 12h and has no crashed in the same time span.

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Just to say that I have had the same problem of the FB app freezing in the last 24 hrs. Could it be a problem with the app and nothing to do with Fairphone?

Hey guys,

I have the same exact problem, since last week my FP1 crashes when I am using Facebook. In order to switch it off I have to remove the battery…
If anyone knows how to adress this problem?
This issue comes on top of having my phone rebooting automatically when somebody calls me (not really practical for a phone :wink: )…which makes me consider buying a new one :frowning: and not a fairphone…but I really don’t want to so if anyone has an idea on how to resolve these issues, please tell me :slight_smile:

The source of your other problem might also be Facebook as, I assume, the app has the permission to access your telephone function.

To me this appears as an issue on Facebook’s side, which Fairphone most probably won’t be able to solve. You should contact them.

same with me. I sent a question to Facebook support, hope they’ll come up with an answer. Let you know as soon as they do.
Greetz, herman


Worth noting that it is perfectly possible to use Facebook in a browser rather than with the app - haven’t had any problems with that. I uninstalled my Facebook app a couple of days ago and haven’t had any crashes with any other apps since - fingers crossed.


I’ve been having the same problem for the last week or so. it doesn’t only freeze with facebook but also with a lot of other apps and even when the phone is idle. the entire phone freezes, some times I can turn on the screen and see what time it stopped working, hours ago. I’m going to uninstall a few app to see if they are causing the problem.

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For approx. four days now my phone has not crashed - I have simply not opened the facebook app.

It is still slightly strange that the phone DOES crash when not using this app at PRECISELY this moment but when it has been used shortly before - while at least in my case it so far hasn’t crashed when facebook runs in the background updating e.g. the notification screen, which it continues to do.

A side note:
If it really turns out to be only this one app, of course we can just hope facebook has pity on us and fixes this issue soon. It IS quite possibly relevant that we have a relatively old android version. So it might be that this is just an instance of us seeing our phones reaching their quite unnecessarily shortened life cycle. I suggest fairphone spend more energy on keeping the phone we already have working and less on making new phones, if they really care about social and environmental impact.

Seems like everybody with fp1 have the same problem with Fb-app right now? (I have the same problem)

Same problem here. I can’t use the fb app more than 10 minutes without it freezing the whole phone.