Unresponsiveness, spontaneous rebooting, long reboots, gaps in battery usage history

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Hi everyone, my FP1 has the same issues for a few months now:
random reboots, unresponsiveness for seconds or minutes and fast battery draining.
I already replaced the battery last year and the one I have is not bloated.

I also did a hard reset a few weeks ago because of the reboots and the unresponsiveness. I thought that could help. Unfortunately it even seems to be worse especially with the battery problems.

I will check the wakelock thing now and I hope this helps.

I too am suffering from random reboots. Seems to be more prevalent when using facebook - I’ve removed this app now, let’s see what happens!

I have the exact same issue. Did the wakelock thing work?

This might be related to the other issue:

I posted about this same issue the other day. My reboots are generally very quick though. The unresponsiveness occasionally is only solved by removing the battery.
It seems there are quite a few who are having this issue now.

For reference:

@Jane_Elize It is not the same issue apparently. These problems can be caused by a thousand things and we here in the forum aren’t very good in fixing them remotely. :frowning:

So I’m still having problems, despite a new battery and a factory/hard reset. Battery life is much better now - thank you! But still getting random reboots. They appear to be linked to apps updating (all different apps) because when it happens there is a download of an update that comes once it is back up again. I can’t prove that this is 100% but I’m fairly sure. I noticed that doing a hard reset resets everything but doesn’t reinstall the OS to base level - I’m wondering if we have a corruption in my OS somewhere. I’ve been waiting in case I get an OS update but 10 days later I’m getting annoyed with it now! Additionally the power button doesn’t always respond correctly but if I hold it down for 10 seconds or so it does, but this is only about once a day - the reboot is several times a day and driving me mad!! Any suggestions???

A hard reset usually rules out any software related issues (OS is reverted to unmodified status).

The power button can be repaired. If you don’t want to do this yourself, contact a #localrepairshop .

Fairly convinced it isn’t the power button. Or at least it isn’t JUST the power button. When I’m on my home screen, click on an app and it spontaneously reboots that is not the power button. But I’m at a loss to think of what would be causing it??

I had similar issues. I deleted the Facebook app and I have not noticed the reboots in a couple days. I have been accessing it through the browser. I can’t say that is definitely it and I don’t use other apps like snapchat to know if they are linked.

I took the phone apart and physically checked and dusted the hardware. No difference.

I then did a full factory reset. No difference.

After reading more widely, I concluded that this issue is a basic problem of new versions of apps not working on what is now a really old version of Android. As there is no prospect of a date for an update, I have given up on Fairphone, and bought a WileyFox.

As written above I had the same issues as most people here. Random reboots, fast draining battery.

I tried reseting the battery, no change.
I checked the battery usage with the app Better Battery Stats and nothing unusual appeared to me. I only realised how often the phone rebooted when it was only lying around.

It seems deleting the Facebook app also did the trick for me. The phone didn’t reboot randomly for nearly a week now and battery suddenly lasts for 3 days (instead of 1) like it did about one and a half year ago. Nice!

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Hi there,
I had the same problems: spontaneous rebooting and it got caught in the never ending blue screen. When I hold the power button longer than it could start but sometimes it tried to reboot after seconds on. I wrote to fairphone and they suggested a hard reset and so I did. Nothing changed. I had a new battery already. Fairphone now wrote that they cant help me because they dont sell any components, cause the cant find a producer. So thats really sad…I can`t use the phone at the moment. They just wrote, that they will text me when they have spare parts to sell, but this could take a while.
If anybody has an other idea for me, I would be very very glad to hear about that!
(not using Facebook by the way…)

It is possible that your power button is broken. That would explain the spontaneous reboots and the blue screens (boot loop). You say yourself that you are also having some difficulties with your power button.

Here is a way to find out, if you power button is stuck (you might want to read the posts above to also have the context of that case).

The good news is that the power button can be exchanged easily by a local repair shop. More on this here.

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Thanks for that really quick answer and an other opportunity.
I try that later one and let you know. Hopefully it´s just the power button!

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I am having the same problems with spontaneous rebooting, and they’ve started at about the same time ago. Loooong reboots started a while ago, though. My battery is new and I keep a good amount of memory available. It seems to be an interaction between old OS and newer app updates. My feeling is that FP1’s are fading away. If Fairphone does not launch an OS update soon, I am sure these FP1’s will die in our hands, and that was not the initial promise.

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Hey everyone! I’ve had the very same problem after a year on fairphone 1 1st batch and now after the installation of google apps.
The solution was very easy but took a while to be settled with fairphone: the mainboard needs to be replaced.
Due to the extensive use by google apps and facebook something in the low quality mainboard burns through. It has been a progressing process but didn’t develop too far with the new FP1U mainboard.

I hope that you people can still make use of your warranty and I’m sorry that there isn’t an easy solution. At least if the similar crashes are related to the same cause.