FP1 frequent Facebook-related crashes requiring taking the battery out

I have added Facebook to the thread title given this is clearly a pattern with the freezes of everyone who responded here. Hope you agree. :slight_smile:

By the way, Fairphoners over in our German language Facebook group are now reporting the same.

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So pleased that I’m not alone in experiencing these issues! Has anyone heard anything back from Facebook about it?

Has there been a recent update that caused it? As mine was working fine until yesterday…

Same problem here. My Fairphone1 crashes as soon as I open FB and I’m obliged to take out the battery and restart it.
Any idea (except getting rid of FB ;))?

I uninstalled the facebook-app for now, using facebook in chrome app instead, works well.

Same for me too :cry:

Exactly the same here. FB started crashing a few days ago, several battery-out moments, I deleted and reinstalled the app twice, same problem. No storage partition or weird add-ons here. I’ve deleted it again and have been using FB mobile website, but that’s far clunkier than the app is (was).
I suspect we are indeed up against FB’s mercy and that their latest app isn’t meant to run on our older Android. I wonder what they did the other day to trigger this but it did start happening straight after an FB Update had run.

…oh, and I suspect FB Messenger does it too.

The FB Messenger is, as far as I’m concerned, still stable.

Also there is no need to uninstall the FB app if you don’t want to - I still have it and it refreshes my notifications screen just fine. Just don’t open it!

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This may be a good time to think about switching to some more privacy aware apps to connect to facebook.

Has anyone tried one of them to see if they still get crashes? (I myself don’t use facebook so I won’t test it)

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Yes I’d be happy to test any alternative. I didn’t realise these existed. Where should I start?

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Yep same problem for me on FP1. The recent update was for a login option of using profile PIC, I think so don’t know if that is the problem. I’ve reported problem to FB. Can’t find a way to speak to anyone directly. I suggest we all send reports to FB. I’ve now deleted FB from my phone cos of the freezing battery removal thing. I don’t know how I’m going to find out if there is a fix other than through here. So appreciate any news. Perhaps Fairphone can report problem to FB on our behalf?

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Tinfoil seems like a good option.

Right, will load it later and see! Thanks

This seems to be a problem not only with FP1, but a general issue with the facebook app, so this discussion continues here:

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