FP1 display cracked

Have a FP1 over here with a cracked display. Phone apparently still working.

In case this becomes more than just a “cosmetical” issue - does Fairphone still offer the turn-your-broken-FP1-into-an-FP2 program? Didn’t find any information at https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/202010356-Fairphone-1-repair-price-list-and-FAQ. (That same page also doesn’t really say whether display are only ‘currently’ or ‘forever’ out of stock, but I guess it looks more like ‘forever’?)

Pst, I heard that soon (next week!?) there will be more info on what to do with broken FP1s! :slight_smile:


Oh, should I break my one, too?? :wink: No, I just LOVE my FP1!

@Stefan, I guess you referred to the mail that I just received from Fairphone advertising a cheaper refurbished FP2 for a returned FP1:

Exactly! :slight_smile: Here is the discussion that developed about that newsletter: