FP Security Updates need to be more frequent

Received today in Switzerland with provider Swisscom A 12. SP February.

Received through Orange F.

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Well you can check the terms and conditions which where in place when you bought the phone.

If updates are mentioned but they don’t deliver as promised you should be able to cancel your purchase. I think that’s your best bet.

My current plan is to use this phone until it breaks and then I’m buying a Pixel 9a or whatever will be out at the time


If the FP5 will have a better design (not that huge and dramatic rounded corners and massive nodge), an LED screen with 90Hz that can go brighter, better vibration motor and better software quality overall… Then I’ll buy that this year. Otherwise it will be a Pixel again. FP has an awesome mission, but I don’t find it fair to the users with all these bugs and no real progress on improving that quality. I hope they will release the FP5 when it’s ready. And not too early and then they are overwhelmed again by complaints. Quality takes time and saves time in the end. So many issues are still present since launch.

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Not sure you really support the mission. You expect a Pixel like experience, what Fairphone never can provide. Look to the size of teams and background.

You cannot expect the same type of hardware nor a similar design - see repairability of Pixel.
Same for maybe not using the very latest technology - as such technologies maybe only available by companies not being compliant with fairphone values or using materials that were not available in a “fair” way.

For me currently it looks that Fairphone is back to a monthly release - after the Android 12 rollout - what seems to be logic.

I am still happy with my Fairphone 4. It is durable, working in all conditions. Have still some Bluetooth codec bugs since the Android 12 - but I am sure it gets resolved.


Do I? I don’t think I do. I find it strange that people immediately think you want a Pixel if you just want a phone that’s released without bugs you can find in the first 5 minutes using the phone and expect more modern and usable hardware in the next version. Is that really expecting a Pixel? Of course not. Then my list would be more demanding. I’m just asking for a phone that works. I don’t find it fair to the user to have anything else. Maybe read my comment again. The FP4 was released too lazy. They probably expected to fix the issues with sequential updates. But they couldn’t. So if they just spend some more time at bug squashing we shouldn’t be in this position of still complaining about 1.5 year old bugs. Bugs that even weren’t fixed when we got only one OS update every 3-4 months. That’s really not asking for Pixel quality.


Comparisons with Pixels apart, I think we all agree that Fairphone has a software issue. The good news are they lately seem to be genuinely trying to keep up with customer complaints: We see @Yasen_Tomov quite frequently lately, in the last couple weeks we’ve seen more Fairphone interventions than in all the months before. So there is hope they will do something about it, eventually. IMHO.


You idealise a bit too much Pixel phones since they are also concerned by bugs : Pixel 7 and 7 Pro problems and how to fix them - Android Authority

And the last one appeared with the last update. But at least they are corrected faster than what Fairphone does :roll_eyes:

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Really fun bugs too, like not being able to call emergency numbers (!)

I thought they hadn’t rolled out the update for the affected devices and delivered another A11 update instead?

May my guess be wrong - reading all your old statements, sorry.
I comply to all wishes for success and as well to monthly updates and so.
Still the update to Android 13 - to me - has less significance against regular security updates and bug fixing.
The Bluetooth Audio Codec bug is really annoying - even if the first step is done to fix in last update so I hope the remaining Codecs will work from next update onwards.

Citation needed. Don’t confuse me with people that think they can speak for me :wink:

Of course they have issues too. My Pixel 3 also had issues. Short battery life, clouds on my Earth live wallpaper didn’t refresh for a while and video recording wasn’t that smooth. But these issues were fixed, except for the battery life. They just put a small battery in there.

Every phone does have issues. I’m not saying that a Pixel is bug free. What counts is the overall quality, Pixels are king in that regard. But for some reason, every time I bring up that Fairphone needs to improve, people think I’m talking about Pixels quality on a Fairhpone. I never said that. I just point out flaws. Flaws that aren’t fixed. If those flaws remain, then, my alternative, my third choice, is a Pixel (second choice is a FP5). Now that may be “less sustainable”, but having a phone I’m happy with for 5 years sounds better than a phone that’s “sustainable” but makes your life difficult with no improvement in sight. That makes it a waste problem, because people may buy it, and then throw away because they can’t even have a call, shoot a picture or any of the daily issues this phone has.


That was in combination with Microsoft Teams on your phone if I remember correctly.


I bought the Fairphone 4 expecting an inferior experience to a Pixel 5 or whatever in the same price range. What I did not expect was:

A terrible camera, like seriously, the Galaxy A52s has a better camera for half the price of a Fairphone 4
Some of the main selling points breaking, like the high resolution mode of the camera app. It was broken for literally months.
Bugs that stick around for over a year now
Devices bricking if you lock the bootloader is something new to me, and I’m genuinely surprised they haven’t fixed it after over a year

The Pixel phones are definitely not without bugs. The difference to me is that Google acknowledges the bugs and most importantly, actually fix them.

It’s not that I even dislike my Fairphone 4. It’s just that I wish I had bought a Pixel 6a instead. I care about the environment and about the workers, but at this point I’d rather buy a Pixel 6a for half price (300 bucks) and then donate 300 bucks to charity.


The price comparison is unfair.

I can understand all concern, but if the Pixel would fulfill - what Fairphone is doing - the 6a would cost 800 €, the 7 most probably above 1000.
Like now the workers and environment paying the difference between 300 and 800.
This is my rough estimation - but comparing the price is as said unfair.
Quality of camera is something little different -here for sure a better quality would be worth a higher price for me.

Personally I don’t think the FP4 price is super relevant. Some of the bugs are frankly unacceptable at ANY price class and I’m surprised that they keep raising and decreasing the minimum brightness in every other patch.

Don’t they have any form of testing for this? I don’t get it.

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How are you gonna test anything if the same absolute level of brightness is “wayyyyyyy to much” for some while at the same time it’s “unreadable” for others? It’s a fight nobody can win.

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The obvious solution (obvious to me at least) is to have a simple setting allowing to set the minimum and maximum brightness the automatic feature can use, from “backlight off” to “backlight full power”.

That would cover all use case, those who want it dark, those who want it bright, and those who want it “very dark and very bright”, or “not too dark and not too bright”…


Tomorrow we’ll be 2 months behind on updates again. Has anyone heard anything about the next patch?