FP Open: No local Calendar and Calendar only syncs with Google

Expected behaviour:

  • the ability to create a local (phone only) calendar without the need to use a potentially insecure shared online calendar.
  • the ability to sync with other calendaring systems like DavDroid.

Acutal behaviour:

  • A warning “you have to create at least one calendar account” appears when creating an event with the default settings.
  • It is not possible to create a local (phone only) calendar.
  • Only Google Calendars work.
  • Non Google Calendars (DavDroid) show up in the list “calendars to display”, but they cannot be selected to create an event.

System in use: FPOpen 16.10 with Open GApps pico installed.

  • AOSP’s Calendar (the one and only calendar app included on FP Open) doesn’t have the ability to create a local calendar. You should be able to create one, though, setting up a calendar provider with a proper app (not tested by me) (it works).
  • I don’t know why you have Google calendars on FP Open.
  • I have no problem adding events to my calendars provided by DAVDroid (a CardDAV/CalDAV synchronization app, not a “calendaring system”, :wink:)

Just to elaborate further, I’m using acalendar with an owncloud system for calendar, tasks and contacts. So my data is under my control.

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I am struggeling to with my calendar.
I want to get away from Google.
My calender is with Google in ics-format.
How can I convert my ics-calendar to caldav-format?

I will use an account at posteo.de to put the data there.

I have the same configuration and can recommend that. For contacts I use “dw contacts and phone”

Export your calendar as ics.
Look on f-droid.org for the app “calendar import-export”.
Problem solved…

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bad wording… I used that term because the problem seems to be the backend and not the calendar app providing the frontend. In this case both the built-in calendar and Etar from F-Droid show the same strange behaviour.

In that way my calendar still is stored at Google.
That’s not what I want.
I really want to convert from ics tot caldav.

Differ between a calendar and a calendar-app. A calender is an abstact object for which you need to have a frontend and thats a calendar-app.

The calendar itself could reside inside your phone - a local calendar - or outside at a server - thats a remote calendar. The most used connection between a remote calendar and a local computer is via caldav-protocol. For that you need a caldav-app. If you have installed the latter and it has connection to the server, you can work with the remote-calendar via a calendar-app.

Many calendar-apps are able to handle a local calendar as well as a remote calendar. If local, the chance is good, that the calendar-app can create one itself. If remote, first install a caldav-app and create the connection to the server, than start a calendar-app.

ICS-Format: a import/export-Format-file for calendar-entries. Thats independent from local/remote. If you have a calendar, just import the ICS-file and ready. Many calendar-apps are able to import, but some only in the pro/paid-version. I use the free version of business-calendar 2 (appgenix.bizcal-2), which can handle both local/remote and can also import ICS-files.

Sorry for the basics, it’s to prevent confusion …


That’s what I want to do. Caldav doesn’t work with ics.

On f-droid, there’s an app called “Add to Calendar”, which imports .ics files into your calendar. And if you happen to synchronize the local calendar (cache) via caldav to some hosted calendar (owncloud…), it shows up there

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I said: ICS is a file with entries. It independant of local/remote. Maybe, that your calendar-app does not work with ICS-files. I use the named calendar-app with my owncloud-calendar via caldav and imported several times ICS-files, the entries are as well on my server as handmade entries.

@iklaus: if you have a calendar on your phone via caldav, then we speek of “remote”-calendar to make it clear, that it is not a local calendar because you can handle local calendars as well at the same time, e.g. a birthday-calendar or a trash-calendar (reminds you to push the trashcan outside).

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Does it really matter, where the calendar store is placed? Local or remote? Actually, i don’t think so. If the calendar app uses a local store, then an ics import goes into that store, if it’s remote, you push it with e.g. caldav.
But yes, you need to differentiate if you want to set a calendar up on your system, it all has to fit together…

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Well you are right that a bug is when you expect something and something else happens, but there are two kinds of expectations:

  • You press on button that says “press here to make X happen” and Y happens.
  • You take system XY and remove X from it and now you expect that the same button is able to do Z even though it was never programmed to do so.

I’d call the second case a missing feature and not a bug therefore I’ll move this to #software:fp-open.


I guess what you are missing is an app like “Offline Calendar” (to be found in F-Droid or Google Play) which creates a local calendar account that isn’t synced anywhere.
I used this (or a similar app, don’t remember exactly) on my SGS. In the meantime I’m using same as @lklaus Davdroid with Owncloud, so I don’t need a local calendar account anymore.

I’m also using (like @BeMiGro & @lklaus) Owncloud (soon Nextcloud) & Davdroid.
As a calendar app (smartphone frontend) i use acalendar and on the PC Thunderbird with Lightning & CardBook (for contacts).

There are a lot of Howto’s out there how to move away from google…

When i moved away from google i did it in this way:

  1. Setup Owncloud instance/account on webhost/server (or local NAS)
  2. Download calendar from google as ics file and all Contacts as vCard
  3. Import the ics & vCard file in owncloud accounts calendar & adressbook (with owncloud web frontend)
  4. maybe not necessary: (Erase the Phones Calendar-Storage & Contact-Storage Data in the App info)
  5. Install Davdroid on Smartphone and configure it for Owncloud
  6. Disable the Google-Calendar sync App, Google-Contact sync App
  7. Configure “aCalendar” App & “DW Contacts & Phone” App to use only the Davdroid Account
  8. Sync the Phone with the Server
  9. Check if everything ist there
  10. Delete all calendar entries & contacts from your google account.

i hope this helped more than my last post…


O, thank you very much. Really appreciated.
I will try it tomorrow, just back from a meeting.

I am using myphonexplorer that is creating a local calendar on the fairphone that you Can sync with Windows as example. Works Well… For the phone book there are existing Apps to create additional local phone book to sync on.
See http://www.fjsoft.at/de/ for more Info…

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You made me so happy.
Bye bye google, OpenSource Rules


I’m glad that I could help… :slight_smile: