FP EULA vs Sony EULA + Human-readable license agreement summary

Continuing the discussion from Android 6.0 Marshmallow for FP2?:

The Sony EULA is very restrictive, but also very easy to understand:

  • You may not resell, sublicense, rent, lease, transfer, disclose or lend the Software to any third party.

  • Sony Mobile grants You non-exclusive, non-transferable end-user copyright rights to download the Software on the local hard disk(s) or other permanent storage media of one computer and install the Software, by using the Fastboot Protocol, on a single Sony Mobile device with an unlocked boot loader at a time. Except as provided by any Open Source License Terms, You may use the Software only for the sole purpose of testing and validating Your own applications and/or content (“Purpose”).

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I tried to write a CC-like Human-readable license agreement summary. This is not (people are paranoid here) the official FP EULA. This is my try on what I think FP wants to say to the users after reading other EULAs. I don’t think it’s a useful one and it’s not my idea.

[UNOFFICAL] FP Human-readable license agreement summary NOT VALID


“Bin blob” software: The proprietary software provided by Fairphone. The software is needed to make the hardware of the FP2 fully operational and to build a working operating system for the phone with the provided source code.

You cannot:

  • Share the “bin blob” software with any third party. You can only use it with your own Fairphone.
  • Modify/alter the “bin blob” software.
  • Share the operating system build from the sources using the “bin blob” software

You can:

  • Use the Software for building your own software/rom and for testing/modifying software under Open Source License Terms or other licences.
  • Share your own software/modifications with others, but you cannot include the “bin blob” software in any way.

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