FP don't turn on ! I'm Hopeless

Hello !

First of all, sorry for my English but I am of French mother tongue.

I have hardly no ideas of what’s happened with my FP2. Everything started 3 days ago. I was riding my bike in the morning (phone’s battery was full), I’ve used it multiple times and battery was still high, few minutes after I want to unlock it but nothing happened, I’ve tried different button’s combo but still nothing. Back home I try to charge it with my USB charger and the LED turn solid red (not blinking). I’ve wait few hours to see if it was charging but still nothing (when I unplugged the charger the red LED turns off). Finally, yesterday evening I try to recover my data by connecting my FP to my computer with the USB cable and … Surprise ! … When I plugged the cable my phone turn on ! I disconnect my computer and connect my charger and everything was back to normal (my battery was at 0% at this moment) but after few minutes he started and everything was fine. Today was normal until the middle of the afternoon when my phone decided to die again … I didn’t panic because I was sure that he will come back if I connect it to my computer again but I just tried it and nothing append (excepted the solid red LED turn on).

I’ve passed few hours on this forum to see if anybody had the same problem but I didn’t find something similar, so I’m asking for your help. Any ideas ?



Thx for the answer

My phone is 1.5 years old and I’ve bought a second battery 6 month ago. First time the problem happened with the old battery and this time it’s with the “new” one. None of them looks damaged (or bloated) and I’m actually retrying to reset the battery’s firmware, it’ll maybe works today. (I’ve tried to turn on my phone with the 2 batteries but no one works)

Yes I’ve read the batteryguide and the blackscreenguide without any result …

I’ll contact the support if nobody can help me here but I generally prefer to write on forum before contacting support

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I would also contact the support. And maybe a closeby Fairphone Heaven via (List of Fairphone heavens)

Until they answer from the support I would try to test some things. Of course this is only possible in the unlikely moments when the screen lits up again. It seems to me that the problem is either the battery or the screen, maybe the proximity sensor. I once had a similar problem. Try the procedures described below and test the modules. A friend who owns a FP2 or a Fairphone angel might provide you with his/her module.
Battery: Look at the link provided in the post above (FP don't turn on ! I'm Hopeless). Maybe remove the battery, wait an hour and put it in again. If still doesn’t help, test with a working battery from a friend/angel.
Screen: Go to Settings>Maintanance>Checkup>Screen AND Drawing. Proceed both test to see if your screen works fine. If not try to test with another Fairphone screen to know if yours is faulty. If another screen doesn’t help either I assume that the problem lies in the core module. If this case occurs discuss it directly with the support.
Proximity Sensor/Top Module: My problem was that the proximity sensor was faulty and that’s why the screen stayed black. Recalibrate it via Settings>Maintanance>Proximity Sensor. If it doesn’t help, the proximity sensor might be faulty. This one lies in the top module. Again test with someone who let’s you borrow her/his module and see if it works.

If you identified a particular module that’s faulty. I would suggest to replace it.

So the reset didn’t works (with both batteries) and I just send a request to the support.

Now I was searching a solution and I get an idea. I could charge the battery alone (20-30%) with a Li-ion charger (with the precaution needed), put the battery back in the phone and try to turn it on to see if it’s just because the battery is to low.

Do you thing it could works ? Does anyone know what is the minimum voltage security for a FP2 to boot ?

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Yes, this could be an option. Do you mean with a charger like this Universal Charger ?

Did you get in conctact with someone who owns a FP2 to test the modules, battery? Did you write an e-mail to a FP-Heaven?

Could it be the battery does not make contact on all three points? I myself have a piece of paper inserted that pushes the battery onto the contacts … since then my phone doesn’t reboot anymore on small shocks.

I guess using a bit of alcohol to clean the contacts and battery wouldn’t harm either … (at your own risk of course :slight_smile:)

Also, you may want to look at https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-android-7/issue/26
But if it doesn’t charge enough to start, that probably doesn’t help either …

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Ok thanks for your solutions but my FP is still off. BUT this morning I’ve removed the battery for the rest of the day and this evening when I’ve put it back to my phone … Magic ! … It turns on … but for 3-5 seconds and it turn off again …
I’ve check my battery voltage before and after this and it stay the same, my old battery is at 3.6V (totally empty I think) but my seconds battery is at 3.92V so not that bad. At the moment I’m thinking that the problem comes from the battery software but I’ve no real proof.

In parallel to this forum I’m in contact with the FP support (They respond very quickly :wink:). I’ll keep you informed


Ok I’m back,

After exchanging some messages with the after-sales service (Very fast and efficient). They told me that my bottom module should be defective and suggest me to replace it. I’ve order a new one this weekend and I’ve change it this evening and my FP is back in the game !

Thanks for your help and thanks to the Fairphone team for only 40 Swiss Francs my FP2 is fixed ! :hearts:

PS : This topic can be close but I don’t know how to do it

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