FP blocked after getting wet

Device was soaked in water. Now the led blinks blue when battery is in, nothing on display.
No reaction on any buttons .

I have removed the cover , and removed all parts to have them dry separately . But up till now no progress

Hi and welcome to the forum.

If it was ‘clean’ water drying can be sufficient but it can take more than a day in a cool to warm flow of air. Do not be tempted to try the phone soon :slight_smile:

You can also dismantle the bottom and top module without warranty concern as that is void anyway.

It will be usefull if you can have the battery tested as it could have discharged by shorting. You will require around of 3.5V just to get it started but better ensure you have around 3.9V. Maybe a friend has an FP3 where you can check the battery,

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I have opened and disassembled the phone , took out camera block, top module, bottom module and speaker module to dry faster.
As my wife as an FP3+ i’ve tested all locks in her phone , the bottom module does not work in her phone , but when I test my phone with her bottom module it still does not work.

What does the blue light indicates ?

Hi The blue indicates a notification i.e. a new email or message, so something may be working.

You may have to try your wife’s core module. Apparently the phone will work without all the smaller modules, so using your wife’s module won’t tell you much apart from as you discovered with the bottom module.

Now the warranty has definitely ‘gone’ you may open the bottom module to further clean and dry it. (As above]

Note however if the phone ‘should’ work without all the smaller modules then the only test for that is a charged battery.

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