FP 3+ in Colombia (Does it really work?)

Dear all;

I am considering buying an FP3+ to be used in Colombia; I am aware that the phone is only guaranteed to be used in Europe. Reading the Forum I have found that some people have used an FP2 in Colombia without problems, just some issues related to homologation that apparently has been solved (Ref: FCC code Colombia by @lauraalazar), but @caroq was “forced to sell her phone” because some “Telcom regulation” blocked her to use an FP3. Does anybody have more information about it? are we talking about the homologation issues? Any feedback will be very welcome!

BR, Leo

The FP3(+) now has an FCC ID which is 2AUWUFAIRPHONE3. This was assigned last year, originally the phone didn’t have one.


Thanks, this is good information!

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