Fairphone 5 in Colombia

Hi all, I currently have a FP3, and it does not work in Colombia because it is not FCC certified.

Because of several reasons I am thinking of buying a Fairphone 5. Some posts suggest that the FCC problem has been resolved, but I would like to know for sure before I make any decision. Does anyone maybe know more about this?

I think your best chance of advice is to post here.

See this post

However please note that the FP3 is FCC certified (though that’s no guarantee that it will work with carriers in Colombia I would think).

You can check FCC registration here, which carries registration for FP3 and FP4 but I don’t see FP5 yet. There is a separate “Grantee” code (i.e. registrant code) for the FP1 (yay!!) but no sign of FP5 so far as I can see.

Doubtless just a matter of time.


That’s old and second-hand info. Always go to the source, in this case FCC.


Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. I also found this article, which also specifically mentions Colombia. For now, I understand that the FP5 probably does not work (yet) in Colombia.