FP 2/3/... Modules & Wishlist meta discussion

What kind of potential use-cases do you have in mind?


I liked the concept of my old LG g3 a lot, which had such buttons on the back and so I thought why not make a small PCB with those abilities + some extra pads for other stuff to tinker :slight_smile:


let out your inner nerd… :smiley:



It would be nice to improve the loud speaker and make it more loud. The current maximum volume is not really loud and not efficient in noisy environment.

The value in /etc/mixer_paths.xml is 87 by default. I tried to increase it to 92 but the sound quality is lower. So I guess it’s a hardware limitation.


I’d wish for them to port new chipsets to the phone and different displays like 18:9 display etc to make it more interesting for the consumer to make their own phone. Then if I wanted to make my phone have better chipset or better display , I could buy the latest module instead of buying a new phone for instance. IF such a thing is implemented, I will buy the phone instantly!

Different displays is hard I think… I mean the size of the display is pretty much the size of the hole device … different resolutions would be possible… for me the fairphone is allright :slight_smile: not perfect but for now I couldn`t wish more :slight_smile:


About the covers, the original transparent one was looking really great, showing what makes FairPhone so special.
Such a pity that those covers were not strong enough.
Is there any chance to do the “slim” covers with a transparent material ? Would be great.


Many have asked - only one has delivered so far:

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I don’t understand. Do you mean that they are working on it and delivered only one cover to someone who asked ? Those pictures are showing something about 3D printing. Is that a partner of FairPhone ?

No I meant many have asked the same question as you. Only one person did something about it.

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And how about the FairPhone company ? Is there something in their plan if so many people asked already ?

Only they can give you an answer to that question.


Thanks. Just contacted them and already got a reply !


In another thread a bottom module for FP2 with USB-C was asked for, and it’s included above in the wish list. Now that the new camera modules are shipping - is this the next step?

I’m quite fond of the new USB cable standard and even though it won’t change anything but the physical layout I’d like the next bottom module I replace the current one with after it’s worn out to have USB-C.:slight_smile:


A few new PCBs I´m currently working on :slight_smile:
They will be used as addons for the DIY-shield and add different possibilities to your FP2. :slight_smile:

#1: Adds a microphone (easier to use than the internal) and a few Neopixels to visualize sound:

#2: Adds an OLED which could be used for example to display the number of messages or calls or whatever

#3: Adds a charlieplexed LED matrix with 15 x 7 LEDs

what do you thing ?
any ideas for addon-boards or complete extension boards?


You love your Fairphone? Me too!!

Show your LOVE :stuck_out_tongue:


Speaking of USB ports: for the next model, I really would like the headphone jack and the USB port to be on the same side.

Using headphones while also charging the phone with a battery pack makes it almost impossible to carry the phone in my coat pocket, not to mention inherently hardware damaging.

  • three SIM based
  • One SIM is cryto-proceted
  • Firefox-OS based
  • Taking Firefox-OS in dev. for future mobile devices

All the BEST!

Bruno Ballack

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Push NFC for enable using AndroidBeam for fast sharing data with friends^^lg

maybe this is already solved for the actual fp2 models - but it would be great if the sim slots could easily be repaired/exchanged. in the first fp2 models this seems not to be possible, if one of the two slots gets broken.

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