First 3d printed transparent Slim Cover

My experience with the black from formlabs 2 is that it will harden over time and become more brittle. Keeping it from the sun won’t stop the process, but having it exposed will speed it up.

Must say it looks absolutely awesome! Makes me miss my old transparent case.

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I would also love one!

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Im intrested I want one too.

I am also interested!

I hope, that over at FP headquarters you are following this thread :wink: (Just kidding!)

I guess, if we would make a poll, there would be quite a lot of people wanting a transparent cover again. I know, that I do miss it. And it really was a quite unique feature.
Of course - in my opinion - the UV-vulnerabilty mentioned above is a no-go. But I guess that’s due to the printing process and no issue for regular production.


Well, there is this.


Yeah, but this here is WAY cooler!

That I can agree with!
(In case more context would be more useful: I commented mainly as a response to the ‘Fairphone should take note’ sentiment.)

Ups! I really missed that posting.

Hello !
Some updates here :slight_smile:

  • The 3D printer used is the formlabs “form2”, little bigger than the “form1”
  • My contact in the ReLab is ok to print others transparent cases for us, that I can then deliver…

However… Unfortunately, the material is not so durable, my case already passed away :cry: . I accidentally made it falling from my nightstand, approx 50cm height… And here is the result !

The UV resin material is not that resistant, because I had some similar falls with my regular case, without a scratch…

I can print some new transparent covers for the people wanting it, but at your own risks: you have to know that the material is very brittle !


I also discussed that in the UBPorts FP2 telegram group, and here are some interesting inputs…


Yes we are. Nice agenda point for the next meeting. :slight_smile:
I also miss the transparent case… it was a dead easy way to grab people attention; just put your phone upside down on the table and … conversation started.

Who knows… one day…


Is still like to give it a try, nonetheless. But first I’m leaving for holiday inn a few days, so it’ll have to wait (if the offer still stands)


Sadly, I’ll have to pass for now - I do need a case that is reasonably robust!

Sorry for the late reply. I’d still be in if the offer still stands.


The “old” transparent covers were made of polycarbonate (PC). This polymer is known for its outstanding ability to resist mechanical shock and UV light. This is why PC is a commonly used material for motor cycle helmets. Visors are almost exclusively made of PC.

The strength of PC comes with higher melting temperatures, which makes it harder to 3D printer. But i just learned that professional 3D printing machines are able to handle poly carbonate well:

Maybe it is worth looking for a 3D-shop that can print this particular material.

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The material might be, but the old transparent covers were not exactly known for their outstanding resistance.


Hopefully new ones will be…

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Was it really the transaprent material, that was prone to breaking?
From my experience it was just the connection between the polycarbonate part and the “rubbery” part, that came apart. The transparent part itself was firm and durable in my case.

As the new covers are of a different design, this change of material might do the trick.


Yes, I think so too…the two materials not keeping together is the problem in my transparent case.