Four problems with FP3+: Wireless LAN, BT, Audible and Hearthstone


I have the following four problems with my new fairphone 3+ (updated to the latest OS version):

  1. Wireless LAN
    I am connected to a WLAN, but do not have access to the internet. Other smartphone devices (e.g. Samsung S7) do not have this issue. This does not happen all the time.

  2. Bluetooth
    The BT-connection to my AirPods starts to break up after a few minutes of listening. I have to restart the according app (e.g. Spotify or Audible) to be able to hear again.

  3. Audible
    I have to login each time I am opening the app. This does not happen on any other device I am using (e.g. Samsung S8).

  4. Hearthstone
    After downloading and starting the app, the game crashes to desktop without having shown any game screen. I have tried to reinstall the app several times, both on WLAN and mobil data.

Thank you.