Four problems with FP3+: Wireless LAN, BT, Audible and Hearthstone


I have the following four problems with my new fairphone 3+ (updated to the latest OS version):

  1. Wireless LAN
    I am connected to a WLAN, but do not have access to the internet. Other smartphone devices (e.g. Samsung S7) do not have this issue. This does not happen all the time.

  2. Bluetooth
    The BT-connection to my AirPods starts to break up after a few minutes of listening. I have to restart the according app (e.g. Spotify or Audible) to be able to hear again.

  3. Audible
    I have to login each time I am opening the app. This does not happen on any other device I am using (e.g. Samsung S8).

  4. Hearthstone
    After downloading and starting the app, the game crashes to desktop without having shown any game screen. I have tried to reinstall the app several times, both on WLAN and mobil data.

Thank you.

I’ve got a similar issue with my home wireless.
I do get a connection, but it’s horrendously slow even switching between 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Other devices on the same network, Windows Laptop, an Xbox and an iPhone have no issues at all?

Gone to the effort of wiping my router and upgrading the firmware. Only just recently picked up my FP3 and have wiped it already. :sob:

Are you connected to 2.4 GHz WLAN or 5 GHz WLAN? If one, try the other. It might also solve your Bluetooth issue as I suspect “an overcrowded radio spectrum” (ie. lots of noise on 2.4/5GHz). Have you upgraded the Airpods firmware to latest?

I have the same problem with Hearthstone… did you find an anwser yet?

I installed all apps on the phone instead of the SD-card. That fixed a few problems, though I still have a wacky bluetooth connection.