Found something interesting on the street today (Digitec Galaxus advertisement)

Its from the bigest Hardware retailer in switzerland. They made a series of different products like this to get customers eyes on their websites rating system…
To bad.
Maybe @FairphoneTeam you shouldnt send them any Hardware anymore…

Big Wallpapers:


Thanks for posting!
I saw this as well and was a little bit confused…?!
Is “bad” advertisement it’s this case good advertisement?
By the way: They are the official swisscom-supplier for the Fairphone.


I think you’re overreacting a bit. These are single reviews from individual users not the opinion of digitec. The average rating of the FP2 is 4/5 on digitec.

They simply took the most provoking reviews they could find of each product.

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They are emphasizing the word “ehrlich” (=honest).

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Yeah well it’s a marketing trick. Unfortunately it’s as legal to lie in marketing as in the american election. But to be honest I don’t really feel sorry for people who actually believe there is a single website that only allows honest reviews.

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If the review is real, then it was quite honest from that person’s point of view. (Subjectively)

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Or it was a troll who knows such a review will get attention - maybe even end up on a poster and spark a discussion on the product’s forum. :wink:


Could anyone translate the advertisement for non German speakers to understand? :wink:

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It says: “Except for the failed try to produce something really fair it’s full of bad engineering.” - Now that I think about it this is a non-sentence also in german. Sounds very troll-like to me.
Also why 2 stars if that’s the critique? Why not 1?


Very Troll like. And the Troll would do good to learn some proper German before talking about “steckt lauter schlechter Technik drin”. I would probably say “Vom erfolglosen Versuch mit sehr schlechtem Deutsch Eindruck zu schinden” and give the post zero stars.


From what I heard this quote was taken from a (very) long review. This was only the last sentence of that review.
The 2 stars you see are actually ratings of others of the review itself.
So many people did not agree with the review.

After many complaints, the posters are taken down in several places already.
It looks like complaints from the community made them revise their campaign. Thank you all for who pointed digitex to this issue.

You are all welcome to leave other, balancing, reviews on their (and other) rating website(s). :slight_smile:

Or on the blog article about the campaign.


Here is the link to the whole review:
If you take all (29) the evaluations, the Fairphone 2 gets 4 stars out of 5:


Well then digitec won. If we now all create accounts there to downrate that review and write our own ones then that ad did exactly what digitec hoped for.


It might not be nice, but I have to say that I agree. I feel that the ideology behind fairphone is great, but the technology quite bad. Have had MANY issues with my Fairphone since I bought it a year ago and customer service is very slow. The idea behind it is clearly MUCH better than the actual product.

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"As soon as your new Fairphone product starts its journey to you from our distribution centre, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a tracking code.
Your order will bypass the regular queue and get shipped as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and your continued support. We are really sorry your previous Fairphone product turned out to be a Failphone product. We hope you will enjoy the new one!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again."

I also had several issues. But finally I’ll get a new fairphone. That is nice… We can tell the Digitec guy that he might contact the fairphone service.

Dear guys, there are the poor advertiser and marketing people with their cute iphones.
Well, that’s it.
It is Zurich/Switzerland. Money, vanity and status are most seen in this place!


It seems Digitec is asking us for forgiveness :wink: (In German and French)


So if Digitec did good marketing research, at least one of us on the forum must be a jet-setter! Who is it? :sunglasses:

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