[FOUND] Looking for a second hand fairphone (negotiable price)

I am looking for any old fairphone (in working order). Since my budget is 250€ max I doubt anyone would sell a fairphone 4 for that price, so looking for fairphone 2 or 3 (if someone has a Fairphone 1 that is working perfectly, then sure, but otherwise not interested since spare parts are not for sale anymore). Price I am willing to pay is obviously dependent on the model and its state (broken parts means I will have to buy them again so I will offer a lower price than if the phone works perfectly).

I am from Spain, so that you get an idea of the shipping price.

As most of you deduced from the first paragraph, price is strongly negotiable so if you have a fairphone for sale just PM me and we can talk!


NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.


Hey there beroun! :grin:

Are you still lookin’ for a fairphone? I’ve got a used Fairphone 3+ (which is currently running /e/ and in good shape :slight_smile: ). If you don’t like /e/ (https://e.foundation/) I’m able to reflash the stock rom (aKa fairphone os).

Best regards,
Philipp :austria:

Hi Philipp!

Are you still selling your fairphone? I’m also looking for a used Fairphone.

Nela :czech_republic:

Good afternoon Nela! :slight_smile: Yes - The Fairphone 3+ (I’ve done the upgrade to + myself so I am able to attach the old front- & back camera and the old casing as well) is still available :slight_smile:

I’ve attached some pictures so that you are able to see, that the fairphone 3+ is in perfect conditions. I’ve purchased it in August and the camera modules in September.

Shipment would be from Austria - As you’re living in :czech_republic: the delivery time should be up to three days (:austria: is right next to :czech_republic: )

Have a great day! Best regards


Only for the sake of completeness a FP3 with the new camera is similar but not identical to a FP3+. For the sold FP3+ a different audio chip was used and more recycled plastic.


I sent you DM.

Have a great day. Best regards

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I have a Fairphone 2 for sale, if you’re still looking.
It’s in good state. With a new battery and a brand new screen.
I’m in Spain too.

Hi VP30, If beroun does not buy this FP2 I would be interested in buying it. Thanks, EON

thank you for all your offers and messages. I have found a friend living near me who owns a Fairphone 2 and doesn’t use it anymore and they agreed to give it to me for free. I might be back soon, because I don’t expect a 5 years old fairphone 2 to last many years, but I will try to make the best and longest out of it.

I think it means this topic should be closed but especially those of you who are offering a phone, feel free to write a topic in the Offer section.
Good luck!

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I may also have one left over. :slight_smile:

Hi PhiKoen,
do you know if I can just use the Fairphone 3 backcover instead of the 3+ backcover? I like the appearance more of the former. If yes, I’d be interested in buying it from you.


The backcovers are absolutely exchangeable:

Compatible with Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 3+

copied from:


Folks, for offers and searches still active, please create your own topic or contact those who might trade with you through direct messages.