[FOUND] FP2 Bottom Module - replacement or repair

What product(s) are you looking for?

FP2 Bottom Module

Where would it/they need to be shipped (country or city)?

North or South Holland, Netherlands

Paging @angels_almere, you lot are the closest to my location. :slightly_smiling_face: Feel free to spread this request to other Fairphoner luddites around you that still going strong with their FP2.

Other, remarks:

My current bottom module works except for the main microphone, it is fully possible that it can easily be repaired; this would be preferable over replacing it fully. I’m open to advice and guidance from someone in diagnosing and repairing the module myself, sending my module to someone for repair, buying a new or refurbished module from someone and sending them my broken one so they can (attempt to) repair it and sell it on.

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.


I have a new display module, and old fairphone 2 for sale (with only slightly used case and battery). Let me know if you are interested. I am in the US, but will mail abroad if needed.

Thank you for the offer but I have no need for a display module along with an entire phone, I only need the bottom module and gutting a functional phone just for one module is a little wasteful. Try making a thread in #market:offer, I’m sure someone in the USA could use a lightly-used FP2. :slightly_smiling_face:

hi nrgroff
I’m needing both a display and a bottom module… Is your offer still open?

Hi, @martinc , I have a bottom module that I can sell from spain. It’s not new, but it has like 1 month of use.

I’m using it right now, but will be available when I send my FP2 with it’s original bottom module to recycle.

Hope you’re interested.

Hi @gDanix,

I don’t quite understand your situation. Are you currently using your FP2 in which you had to replace a faulty bottom module about a month ago, ergo you have a faulty bottom module lying around and a new-ish one in your phone, and you are planning to get rid of your FP2 in the foreseeable future?

If that is the case, before you send the whole phone into recycling, try first posting in #market:offer to see if anyone could use a fully working FP2; it would be a little wasteful to recycle a fully working phone and gut only the bottom module out of it, at least I think so. :slightly_smiling_face:

Spain is a little far from the Netherlands for shipping, I was hoping for someone more local, but you can see that there aren’t exactly lots of people looking to get rid of their bottom modules. If there would be nobody interested in your FP2, even as a donation, please let me know the timeframe when you would be getting rid of it, I would be interested in the bottom module at the very least.


Sorry, I should have made a clearer message…

Are you currently using your FP2 in which you had to replace a faulty bottom module about a month ago, ergo you have a faulty bottom module lying around and a new-ish one in your phone, and you are planning to get rid of your FP2 in the foreseeable future?

That’s exactly my situation… with respect to the bottom module. I’m sending it to recycle because also the screen is constantly flickering (and don’t know if it’s a screen or motherboard problem), also when I deactivate plane mode after some time on, the data connectivity is lost until I reboot it, and this also happens spuriously with no apparent reason, so the motherboard is likely also not in good shape.

All things considered, if I give it away, or sell it, it wouldn’t last much. I give it some months, top. So I’ve ordered a FP4 and will send the FP2 to recycle with the completely faulty bottom module, which leaves me with a brand now top module and a month-of-use bottom module (both of which I bought trying to preserve my FP2 as long as I could)


I see, that makes me feel a little better about a potential transaction. :slightly_smiling_face:

For what it’s worth, although I don’t use them that often, I also experience the same problem with mobile data breaking after some time and nothing short of rebooting the device fixes it, so it’s likely to be a general issue either with FP2 hardware or, more likely, the old Android kernel and the closed-source Qualcomm SoC driver kmodules…

But even so, the screen issue is likely a bigger nuisance so I don’t blame you wanting to send it to the junkyard very green eco-friendly recycling plant™ for a shiny new toy indispensable gadget in these unprecedented times™- wait no, that part doesn’t apply anymore, does it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know, either here in private messages, when you are no longer using your bottom module, I am interested.


I mean, it’s Fairphone the company that will recycle my old FP2, so I guess that’ll guarantee a decent level of circularity.

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Hi cornouws. I do have a display module for sale for 70euro, shipping included. I do live in the US, so it may take some time to arrive, but I would be happy to sell it. Let me know.

Hi nrgroff,
thnx. I see I can order a new display module for € 50.-, so to me that looks a better deal? :slight_smile:

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