Foto app closes


Find two screenshots attached of notifications I get regarding my foto app. I can not use the app, it closes all the time. I just installed my new Fairphone 5 and this is the only problem that I need a solution for. Anyone who can help me out?


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Does your phone have a SD card (for expansion of internal memory or portable storage)? If so, please see the article on SD cards:

Handle with care, see @OldRoutard 's post right below

Probably too late, but my first step would be to choose “App info” here …

… and then proceed to empty the app storage and cache to reset the camera app.
(This will not delete any photos, no worries.)

Initially I also thought the problem was with camera, but it’s the Photos app that’s causing problems. Do you think there might be a link here?

Emptying cache for both apps might help, though the device is new.

If the problem persists I think it might have something to do with the account and Google web storage (see second screenshot “Setting up your photo library”).

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