Forgot screen lock pattern FP1

Hey everybody,

I’ve got an issue with my FP1. I can’t remember the pattern I chose for the screen lock. There’s a function called “forgot pattern?” that asks for a username (mail address) and a password. Does anyone have an idea about the mail address - is it my google (android) account? This won’t work for me :-/ But do you guys know whether it is something I would have to activate in advance? Only other option seems to be a hard reset (I’ve been in contact with the FP support today).

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:
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It should be the primary Google account on the device. That’s usually the one your contacts get synchronised to by default as well (in case you have multiple accounts). The only thing you do need that may not be setup is an active connection with the internet.

If you activated Google device manager beforehand, you should also be able to enforce a new unlock code via that, but that will only work if you previously installed device manager and gave it admin rights. Another way that requires prior setup is wiping the password via adb, but again, this requires adb to have been enabled.

Thank you so much! Ye saved my life. I forgot my screen lock pattern too. The GMail adress and password worked! :slight_smile:

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