Forgets rings tones

So i use a lot of custom sounds, and ring tones, and to make them work i use an app called ring tone extender (as this seems to be neccairy.

cept routintly, seemingly for no reason at all my phone ‘forgets’ how to play the custom counds and instead to the defaul tone of ‘dum’ 'dum ‘dum’.

This might be an issue connected to the specific app so can i ask: how do you get custom ring tones, sounds to stick AND stay?

Ringtones, notification sounds and alarms are stored as sound files in separate subdirectories in /system/media/audio.

If you enable root access in your FP2, you can use a file manager that can use root privileges to navigate to those directories and copy/paste any sound files in them you like, and they’ll be there until you update to a new version of Android.

After doing the above, when you go to set your ringtone in the settings, your custom sounds will pop up in the selection menu - no special apps required.

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You need neither a special app nor root to use custom sounds. Just copy the audio files to the “Ringtones” or “Notifications” folder. They are at the same place where the “Download”, “DCIM” etc. folders are. If they’re not there just create them.
Audio files placed there then show up in the ringtone / notification settings.


@ChuckMorris, while that worked for me in android 6, it didn’t in 7.1.2; I had to move them into /system/media/audio for them to show up.

I’ve just tried out on 7.1.2 (FPOS 18.09.2) and an mp3 file stored at /sorage/emulated/0/Ringtones was found/could be selected and used in stock phone app (and it has also survived a reboot).


I just tried the same thing, and it worked for me too. Not sure what I was doing wrong right after the update.

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One possible explanation for this manifestation of ‘Your Mileage May Vary’ is that if you have a lot of media files, it might take a while (depending on use / battery charge) for them all to be indexed (and show up). This is also why battery life can be atrocious for a couple of days after an update that affects the media storage.


This turned out to be it, I got an app called rootfile manager and deleted ring tone extender (also put tones in the ringtones folder)

3 restarts so far so good.

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