Forced to jump back to FP OS

So this is my situation: there are 2 Apps that I wish I could use with my FP Open OS, but they won’t work (The message about needing Google Play Services appear and when accepting, the app shuts down).

There are no alternatives to these apps: one is for getting info about available public bikes in parking slots of my city, the other about ATMs I can use around the world.

So I understand I have 2 options: either installing Gapps or switching back to FP OS. For the frist option, I need to root and do the whole procedure described here for updating which looks quite annoying to me. This is a no-go for me.

So: the only option left is to sell my soul to Google again, am I right?

Option 3: You can use EFIdroid to install FP OS alongside Open OS. Whenever you need such an app you can reboot your phone to FP OS.

You can disable almost all Google Apps & Services (all but the Location Services and the ones the App(s) actually need).

Option 4 (maybe): There are ways to mock the existence of some Google Apps and Services. For some others there are no replacements yet and this discussion suggests that such apps like the ones you want to use may need services not implemented in microG yet.


Not a solution, but a suggestion: For both apps the providers should have an interest in maximizing their audience. Maybe you can contact the developers and ask how necessary the dependence on Google Play is. Maybe they could also offer a variant of the app for devices without Google Play (besides nerdy/open/libre people this also includes devices like the Kindle Fire).

This might not change anything immediately, but if more people ask these questions to app developers, at least it spreads the idea that “also runs without Google Play” is a feature.


You don’t need to root to install opengapps. You can leave root disabled in settings

Done, thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

Will I still need to follow this process for each update?


You will have to flash opengapps, and if you use xposed, also this… Which makes flashing a new version about 5 minutes longer…

All right, so I opted for installing opengapps with this fantastic guide: ✏ Install OpenGAPPS (Step-by-step guide)
I would have missed FP Open OS otherwise ;-).

It turns out both apps use a google map to show the bikes/atms on the streets, I guess this is why they need some google installed on the phone.
We’ll see if I get used to the update process.
I’ve seen that uninstalling opengapps is not that easy, so if I ever can come bacl to google-free FP I’ll come back to surf the forums.
Thanks to all!


It’s funny because you don’t need gapps or gservices to run google maps app. I guess it’s a kind of lazyness from the developers who uses google APIs without really needing it. Indeed, I’ve a few apps warning me that without google services they “won’t work” , then you click the back button and voilà the fully 100% functional app.

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