For how long would the fairphone 4 be supported?

I just wanted to know how long are updates going to be supported for the fairphone 4?

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Officially there is a 5 year warranty until Dec 31st this year
Android 14 definetley very likely A15 probably A16 etc.

So what do you really want, ideas or guesses , there’s no knowing the future or it wouldn’t be the future.

Many people are afraid of the future and like to plan ahead and are continuously living in the past.

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5-year warranty

Built to last and supported for years to come.
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And the FP5 and FP6, if the company survives are likey to be available by then

Software support for at least 5 years (until 2026).

We also aim to provide upgrades for Android 14 and 15. However, since Qualcomm will not offer support in the development, we cannot guarantee them.


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