Fairphone 4 software support?

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I’m new to Fairphone and never used one in the past, though I’ve been considering the upcoming FP4. I have looked at the product desciption page, but I couldn’t find any information on software support. So, does anyone know how updates work in Fairphone, and how long will the FP4 be supported? Do we receive monthly security updates or only major version updates?

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there will def be security updates (my 5 year old FP2 is still getting those) although they might not always be monthly but every other month. FP aims for at least 5 year support from start of selling it and this normally includes both, software and hardware. When you buy the FP4 from now until end 2022 you will even have 5 years of warranty you just need to register it within 90 days of purchase


I agree the information is a bit difficult to find, but I found it: software support is guaranteed to last until the end of 2025.


Thank you all. That was helpful

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