Flashlight-Button with FP4?


I’m new to FairPhones (coming from Nokia (8 and XR20)).
The device is nice so far - muss I miss a hardware button for switching on the flashlight very badly.
(no double-tap for turning display on is annoying but okay)
Is it possible to connect flashlight on a device-button?


Hi and welcome, I think this feature is not available when you have the standard system installed. With at least lineage OS based custom systems it is available when the phone is locked (long press power button)



thanks for the fast reply!
Is there a chance that this feature will make it into Android OS?
I have no experience with Lineage OS

Hello and welcome to the forum. If you are willing to use an app for that, there is actually a way to achieve this behavior (kind of). I made a custom Automate script for that:

The way it works is that if you wake up the phone (but don’t unlock it) and press any volume button within one second, the flashlight will turn on and the screen will turn off immediately. To turn off the flashlight, just wake up the phone again and press any volume button, but this time without a time limit. (Depending on whether or not you are on the lockscreen, the screen will turn off or not.)


Did you just make it for me? Thanks!
I will give it a try :slight_smile:


I originally made this for myself because the lack of a hardware button annoyed me too. But why not share it with others, right? :smiley:


I requested this long-press power button function to turn on the flashlight a year ago. The support employee was positive about it and forwarded it to the developers. But nothing happened (so far). Best you can do is #contactsupport to request this feature as well. If enough people ask about it, they may pull the code from LineageOS into their Fairphone OS.


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