Flashlight blinks when the screen is off

Hi there,
I have a Fairphone 3+ with the last update of the 5th of november 2021.

In the last days I realized that when I turn on the flaslight and turn the screen off, the flashlight starts to blink. The flashlight stays for the most of the time on, and the periods of time when it turns off are about less than a half second.

The blinking disappears when I turn on the screen without unblocking the phone, and when the phone is charging.

Could someone help me with this problem?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I’ve just tried turning the ‘torch’ on and then the screen off but the LEd is constant. Same update ?

Hi and thanks for answering me.

My build number is “8901.3.A.0132.20211027”

I got this number by going to “About phone” → “Android version” → “Build number”

I hope this is the correct number to give.



I found out that the blinking of the torch disappear not by charging the phone but simply by connecting the cable. I hope it is only a matter of cleaning the phone, so I am going to do that and I will let you know how it goes.


I managed to fix the problem by letting it clean from a technician. I did not do it by myself because I had not a place suitable to unmount the phone.

By the way, along the mentioned problem, the phone was charging by connecting the cable in only one way and not in both as it should work with the type-C cables. After the cleaning also this problem disappeared.

Hence the cause of these problems was only the dirt that my phone got in the last month. The fact is that I am currently living in a country home and therefore the phone took more dirt and dust than usual. Therefore from now on I’m going to be more careful.

I hope this topic can help other people with the same issues in the future.


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