Fixing scratches without changing screen?

I have unfortunately gotten two scratches on my FP, ironically while buying a pocket to protect it. It seems like a waste to buy a new screen for those two scratches, but they kind of bugs me. Do anyone know of a way to fix this kind of issue, and have their own experience of it? I’ve read about glue-like products that fills in the scratches, but haven’t heard of anyone actually trying them. Do you know of any other methods?

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I’ve seen videos of people removing the front glass by using a heatgun to melt the glue that’s used to glue the front glass to the display unit. Then it can be replaced with a new glass pane. Problem is, even if you could do this with a FairPhone, I’m not aware of them selling just the glass panes.

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Hi @Lovisan

You can try a little bit of toothpaste (not gel toothpaste but actual “cream” type toothpaste) on a q-tip, just rub on the scratches in a circular fashion until they “vanish”. Then you can wipe the screen with a damp cloth to remove all the excess. It works for some, if it doesn’t your FP will still smell minty fresh :wink: